Tree Bombing – An Ingenious Weapon Against Deforestation [Infpgraphic]

Can you imagine a fighter plane being used to plant trees on a large scale? That is exactly what “tree bombing” seeks to do.  According to this infographic from Wellhome, tree bombing is an ingenious solution to the problem of deforestation and excessive CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. According to the people who are popularizing this aerial forestation technique, 900,000 trees can be planted in a single day using one plane!

In a 1999 report, the Guardian explained,

“Equipment installed in the huge C-130 transport aircraft used by the military for laying carpets of landmines across combat zones has been adapted to deposit the trees in remote areas including parts of Scotland.

An idea, originally from a former RAF pilot, Jack Walters, of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, has been developed by the US manufacturer Lockheed Martin Aerospace so that 900,000 young trees can be planted in a day.

A company set up to market the idea, Aerial Forestation Inc, of Newton, Massachusetts, believes that companies with polluting power plants will be forced by governments to plant forests to offset the global warming effect of the carbon dioxide they emit. Planting via the C-130s will halve the cost of manual methods.”

Even though the idea is a decade old, it hasn’t been a widespread success yet. But with development of new and cheaper technologies, tree bombing could be the trump card against global warming.

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