Date archive: April 2017

Timber Decking: It’s time to maintain your timber decking

Timber Decking

It’s  time to recommence caring for your timber decking, which could have been affected by winter weather. In a few short weeks, the decking is due for washing and sealing prior to the main repair work (if needed) over the summer. It might not be the most appetizing job in the world, but if you…

6 Fabulous Flowering Perennials for Your Garden

6 Fabulous Flowering Perennials for Your Garden

  Perennials are the most dependable plants of all. You could plant them once and then you can reap the beautiful rewards all through the year. Perennials are easy to care for and come in such immense varieties that any gardener would find it hard not to plant them. Each plant has its own lifespan…

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