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How to Create a Beautiful Sensory Garden

sensory garden

  When we think of gardens, we usually think of visual spaces. We think of colour, design, and structure. Scent may also be feature, but this is often secondary. Focusing on one or two of the senses can be limiting. Sensory gardens invoke all of the five senses and allow you to enjoy the space…

Easy Ways To Make Your Garden Unique

unique gardening tips

If you’ve moved house and your new garden is a blank canvas, or you fancy revamping your outdoor space, you’ve come to the right place. Spring is here. What better time of year to treat your garden to some TLC, and inject some personality to create a unique space? If you’re looking for easy ways…

15 Ways To Prepare Your Garden For The Winter Months

creative leaves

  Hey, just because the winter months are behind us, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t already start planning for the fall of 2016! Caring for your garden in the wet, cold and snowy weather isn’t easy. If you don’t plan and prepare in advance, you’ll find that your garden suffers as a result. The change in…

How to Save Seeds for Next Year’s Garden

How to Save Seeds for Next Year’s Garden

Gardening is a very fun and fulfilling activity which also saves a lot of expenses in terms of food. Saving seeds from your garden to plant next year is an easy enough task. If you are a first timer and starting a new garden you can easily extract seeds from the fresh vegetables or fruits…

Improve Your Garden And Help To Protect The Planet With This Advice

Improve Your Garden And Help To Protect The Planet With This Advice

Would you like to spend some time outside this spring improving your garden? It would make sense to start working as soon as possible if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Within a few months, most homeowners will arrange garden parties and social gatherings with their friends. So, it’s sensible to get…

Top 4 Brilliant Home Gardening Ideas

Home Gardening

For many gardening is not just a hobby or a way to make their home look better, it is also a passion that  is relaxing and fulfilling. It doesn’t matter if you are new to gardening or a pro, but gardening has an effect on people that cannot be replaced by any other. Seeing something…

Non-toxic ways to get rid of pesky pests

get rid of pesky pests

What good is it to create even the most dreamlike garden if it is going to be overrun by various pests in a matter of days? Apart from investing time in creating this oasis in your own backyard, once you are finished, your work will just begin. Now, when it comes to protecting your garden…

Top tips for growing plants indoors under fluorescent grow lights

growing plants indoors under fluorescent grow lights

Gardening is a great hobby because it lets you spend time tending to your plants and afterward you also get yield from these plants either in the form of some kind of fruits, vegetables or berries or simply in the form of beautiful flowers. Unfortunately for those who live in areas where there are distinct…

How to Grow Your Own Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening isn’t just the new trend. It’s the best possible way of growing a full lush garden when you don’t have much space. Whether you want to grow succulents, vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowering plants, you can plant just about anything on a vertical garden.What takes many square feet of space if planted on…

How to Grow Citrus Trees Indoors

indoor citrus tree

Everything citrus reminds us of something fresh and delightful.So much so that now everyone wants to have a citrus tree indoors to brighten up their home and cheer up the atmosphere. The pops of bright orange and yellow also give it a slightly Mediterranean feel. They are a breath of fresh air and a reminder…

How to irrigate the orchard

How to irrigate the orchard

If you could choose what seems as the easiest orchard maintenance duty, you would probably choose watering, and that is, indeed an obvious choice. Pouring sufficient amounts of water onto the ground seems rather simple, but the problem arises when we ask ourselves what exactly is “the sufficient amount of water”. And this matter should…

8 Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Perfect for Pots

8 Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Perfect for Pots

Don’t have access to ground but want to grow a perfect vegetable garden? No worries. As long as you can have some sunshine pouring into the balcony or have access to grow lights you are good to go. Growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is the best way to ensure you are getting all…

Nutrition Deficiencies in Your Garden and How to Fix Them

Nutrition Deficiencies in Your Garden and How to Fix Them

No matter what you do, sometimes the plants just don’t seem to be growing right. Either their leaves have yellow patterns or they look faded or look dry and feel crunchy to touch. There are many common nutritional deficiencies occurring in plants and are easily treatable once they are recognized. So here are a few…

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