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History of the Lawn Mower


Did you know that the lawn mower was first invented in 1827 by Edwin budding and looked like this?   This design was patented in 1830. Since then, the lawn mower has seen numerous makeover and improvements culminating finally, to the gas and electric mowers that we are well aware of. The infographic (shared via below tracks the evolution of lawn mowers in the past one and half century and also builds a case […]


How to Choose Your Gardening Tool [Infographic]


The right gardening tools can transform gardening from a back paining chore to a thoroughly enjoyable hobby. Different types of tools should be used for planting, pruning, weeding and sowing. If you are not sure which tool to use for which purpose, refer to the infographic below (via Hobby farms). And if you want to know from where to buy a large variety of gardening tools in India, know more about Sharpex might not be […]


Getting the Best Out of Your Garden Tools

Sharpex Shop

  If you want to make your garden be in top shape and look great, you would have to depend greatly on the right equipment, apart from giving enough effort and time and being organized. Having the right gardening tool for the right job is very essential. To start with, you need hoes, spades, rakes, pruners, mower and a wheelbarrow. Other jobs may require others tools too. Here are some tips and suggestions on having […]


Using Garden Shears


Why use Garden Shears? Basically, to keep shrubs and hedges in shape. Woody plants like roses bloom for most part of the year. But when the flowers begin to fade they need to be clipped off. Besides, thorns on the stems make the use of a tool like hedge shear even more imperative. Garden shears are not just essential for clipping fading roses, they can be used for all sorts of hedges to keep them […]

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