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How Gardening Can Boost Your Health and Lifestyle


A little gardening can boost health and lifestyle, not just for adults but also for children. This infographic from  explains how.   Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.


Flower Gardening for The Summer Season

flower gardening

This article is contributed by expert movers. More and more people are starting to grow their own flowers in their very own back yard/front yard or flower pots/baskets. A beautiful garden can and will never go a miss and the personal feeling of a sense of achievement after your flowers have grown is indescribable. Professional gardeners or those who had many years of experience will know how to plant their flowers. They will also be […]


Limiting Winter Damage to Your Garden and Yard

Frozen Berries

This helpful article is contributed by our guest author Daniel Feinstein. Daniel lives outside of toronto with his wife and two children, He works for Greenbloom Landscaping and regularly contributes articles and blog posts to their website.   Living in Toronto and working in the landscaping, I have a great deal of experience in dealing with winter and the significant damage it can do to one’s house or yard. Without proper care and precaution, a […]


How to Grow Your Own Impatiens

How to grow your own impatiens

This article is contributed by one of our readers Angela Harpert.     Impatiens are very common amongst gardeners. They are a popular garden flower commonly used for hedging. They can also be found in window boxes or hanging baskets, due to their attractive, colourful appearance. The good thing about Impatiens is that they can be planted almost anywhere. They grow easily and the results are stunning. However, when growing any type of flower, time, […]


Advanced Guidelines for Cutting Flowers

cutting flowers

This guest post has been written on behalf of Selecting the Proper Flowers Picking the right flowers to cut and take for your home is a tricky business if you truly want for the flowers to grow and stay alive for as long as possible. You have to make sure they are clean and you have to make sure you cut them in a proper time, which means that sunlight must be restricted as […]


All About Bonsai

All about Bonsai Infographic

Bonsai is an ancient Chinese horticultural art form, adopted by the Japanese and popularized in the western world about a hundred years ago. Bonsai is a Japanese word which means, “planted in a container.” Here are some interesting facts about Bonsai: Bonsai as a horticultural art form started in China about 2000 years ago. Originally bonsai trees used to be spread throughout China as luxurious gifts. Bonsai style is influenced by Zen Buddhism popular in […]


Get Your Own Square Foot Garden [Infographic]


What is Square Foot Gardening? Here is how Jason of explains his innovative concept: The idea behind square foot gardening is that you can plant fruits, vegetables and flowers in raised beds, above infertile soil and even out of the reach of pets. Seeds are planted in 1X1 square foot plots, and when harvested a new plant is installed in the square. Raised beds can sit directly on the ground, or include a bottom […]


Getting Started With Vertical Gardening [Infographic]

vertival gardening

Sometime back we had written about the benefits of vertical gardening. In this post we will take you though the process of creating your own vertical garden. This great infographic from Wellhome explains what are vertical gardens, what are their types, how you can make your own and which plants you should use for your vertical garden. Hope this encourages you to have your own living wall! Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer […]


Top Benefits of Gardening [Infographic]


This infographic on the health, mental and financial benefits of gardening from Lochness Water Garden will provide you enough compelling reason to start your own garden, if you haven’t already.   Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.


How to Keep your Lawn Green and Happy


  Your lawn is probably the most important part of your garden and thus every care you can provide. A green and clean lawn is a sight to behold. But bugs, fungus, moss or diseases can transform a lush green lawn into a graveyard. In this post we provide some tips to avoid all of these and ensure that your lawn is always green and smiling. The One Third Rule of Mowing: With every mowing […]


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