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When is the best time for lawn care?


This article is contributed by Anna Harrison, writer and blogger with great flair for home decoration and gardening projects. She likes to discover beauty everywhere around her and to share some valuable tips with her readers. Gardening services are never something which should only be looked at every summer. Rather, there is an ongoing growth in and around your garden which needs to be looked after and cared for at all times. But there are certain […]


How to Keep your Lawn Green and Happy


  Your lawn is probably the most important part of your garden and thus every care you can provide. A green and clean lawn is a sight to behold. But bugs, fungus, moss or diseases can transform a lush green lawn into a graveyard. In this post we provide some tips to avoid all of these and ensure that your lawn is always green and smiling. The One Third Rule of Mowing: With every mowing […]


How to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful


A well maintained and beautiful  lawn is an essential element of any garden. There are a few basic but important activities that need to be taken care of to make a lawn look beautiful and healthy. Mowing A lawn should be mowed regularly to make it look even and attractive. The optimum grass height of a mowed lawn is around 4 cm. Between April to October, lawns should be mowed once every week. This also […]

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