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How to Keep your Lawn Green and Happy


  Your lawn is probably the most important part of your garden and thus every care you can provide. A green and clean lawn is a sight to behold. But bugs, fungus, moss or diseases can transform a lush green lawn into a graveyard. In this post we provide some tips to avoid all of these and ensure that your lawn is always green and smiling. The One Third Rule of Mowing: With every mowing […]


How to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful


A well maintained and beautiful¬† lawn is an essential element of any garden. There are a few basic but important activities that need to be taken care of to make a lawn look beautiful and healthy. Mowing A lawn should be mowed regularly to make it look even and attractive. The optimum grass height of a mowed lawn is around 4 cm. Between April to October, lawns should be mowed once every week. This also […]

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