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How to mow your lawn – a simple guide


One might think that lawn mowing or grass cutting is an artless task, but anyone who’s spent enough time gardening will know this is far from true! Proper lawn maintenance is essential to having an overall pristine looking garden. So even if your hedges are a little bent out of shape, or your flowers haven’t bloomed, a manicured and well-mowed lawn will make all the difference! We’ve put together a few tips on how you […]


History of the Lawn Mower


Did you know that the lawn mower was first invented in 1827 by Edwin budding and looked like this?   This design was patented in 1830. Since then, the lawn mower has seen numerous makeover and improvements culminating finally, to the gas and electric mowers that we are well aware of. The infographic (shared via below tracks the evolution of lawn mowers in the past one and half century and also builds a case […]


Sharpex Lawn Mowers used by Top Indian Corporate Houses


Backed by the latest German technology, Sharpex Lawn Mower is the next generation lawn mower that is indispensable for a well maintained lawn. Not surprisingly it is one of the best selling lawn mowers in India and is used in maintaining gardens and lawns of some of India’s biggest hotels and corporate complexes. Here is a product video:     Sharpex recently supplied Lawn Mowers to Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), Marriot – Jaipur, […]


10 Lawn Mower Tips for Safer Mowing Experience


Lawn mowers, even though quite indispensable for maintaining a beautiful lawn, can be quite dangerous if not handled properly. Poor handling of your mower will also result in the machine getting worn out faster or getting damaged. Safety is one of the biggest issues with lawn mowers. The cutting blades of the mower can move at speeds of 200 miles per hour and can slice fingers or toes if they get in their way. For […]

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Sharpex on Homeshop 18

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