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How to Keep your Lawn Green and Happy


  Your lawn is probably the most important part of your garden and thus every care you can provide. A green and clean lawn is a sight to behold. But bugs, fungus, moss or diseases can transform a lush green lawn into a graveyard. In this post we provide some tips to avoid all of these and ensure that your lawn is always green and smiling. The One Third Rule of Mowing: With every mowing […]


Top 5 Benefits of Organic Lawn Care


Organic lawn care is the natural, healthier, and safer way of maintaining your lawn. More people need to know this and be aware of its benefits. There are also methods of lawn care such as the use of insecticides and other chemicals. These methods still exist but have been proven to have bad effects on the environment and to human beings. Growing an organic lawn might seem to be a daunting task at first but […]

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