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Terrace Gardening Part 3

terrace garden, terrace gardening

This is the last post in a three part series on Terrace Gardening. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.     Suggested Plants for Terrace Garden Annuals and Biennials – Aster, Balsam, Marigold, Zinnias, Iceland, Lobelia, Cosmos Perennials – Perennials are good for gracing of deck or terrace. Some of the popular and fast growing perennials are Agapanthus, Bergenia, Bleeding Heart Flowering Plants – Begonia, Chrysanthemum, hibiscus, etc Bulbs – Daffodils, […]


Terrace Gardening Part 2

terrace garden

    This is second in a series of posts on terrace gardening. You can read the first part here. Planning for Your Terrace Garden A terrace garden needs proper planning before it can be executed. Even if you use it only for a few months of the year or a few times in a day, it would add another room to your house, a room that provides relaxation and joy. Decide clearly how big […]


Terrace Gardening Part 1

Kshitij Swapanlok at Napean Sea Road in Mumbai. 15 luxirious terraced houses with landscaped gardens, designed by I.M. Kadri. Image via

This is the first part in a series of articles on Terrace Gardening. With the ever increasing population and the decreasing living space in urban areas, greenery and gardening is a heavy casualty. Amidst the growing concrete jungles of the cities, terrace gardening is an attempt to make a city better by creating a balance between the green and grey areas of the city. Why Terrace Gardens? With the excessive exploitation of the urban land […]

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