10 Lawn Mower Tips for Safer Mowing Experience

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10 Lawn Mower Tips for Safer Mowing Experience

Lawn mowers, even though quite indispensable for maintaining a beautiful lawn, can be quite dangerous if not handled properly. Poor handling of your mower will also result in the machine getting worn out faster or getting damaged.

Safety is one of the biggest issues with lawn mowers. The cutting blades of the mower can move at speeds of 200 miles per hour and can slice fingers or toes if they get in their way. For gasoline powered mowers, care has to be taken for refueling purposes. Gasoline can vaporize and combined with a hot engine can become a bomb in your hands.

So, here are 10 tips to ensure a safe and productive mowing experience.

  • Prepare your lawn before you start mowing. Look out for sticks stones, toys, wire or anything else that may remain invisible in the grass and may get stuck in the blades while mowing, or worse, become a projectile and hit you!
  • Disconnect the Spark plug of the mower while attending or servicing it. This will stop the engine from getting started accidentally.
  • Avoid cutting grass when it is wet. If the grass is wet while mowing it will stick to the blades and causinf rusting of the blades.
  • Run your mower at full throttle. Higher rpm will give better cut and will put less strain on the motor.
  • Avoid refueling a hot mower. Let it cool down. Vapors from gasoline can be ignited from the hot machine.
  • Sharpen the mower blades regularly. Not only will it make your mowing easier, giving a sharper cut, it will also increase the life of the motor.
  • Don’t let the mower get wet. Store in indoors or cover it properly, if kept outdoors. This will avoid the mower from getting rusted.
  • While starting the lawn mower make sure it is on level ground and that you are at safe distance from the blades.
  • Move across a slope while mowing, rather than top or down. Also never make a sharp turn on a slope.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing while mowing, to avoid getting them caught in the blades. Wear close fitting clothes and proper shoes to protect your feet from flying sticks, stones or other items caught by the rear guard.

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