20 tips, tricks and facts about natural gardening

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Gardening is not just a professional thing; it is a passion for some and hobby for some people. Whatever it might be, a perfect natural gardening depends upon your care. Your care depends upon your knowledge on Natural Gardening techniques, facts, tips and tricks. Here are some twenty important facts and tricks that are useful for your natural gardening.






Enjoy the nature by following these.


1. Prepare your soil to produce healthy plants to withstand the insects and other diseases.


2. Don’t forget to apply the compost mixture before 4 weeks to plant. It stabilizes the plant and

helps the plant to get integrated within the soil.


3. Soil amendments are highly required for the new beds to kick start the garden.


4. Create a small zone for specimen plants which must be warmer than in the garden. They

must be well sheltered.


5. The Soaked compost water will act as a rich nutrient liquid that can be utilized in watering

the plants which can promote good growth.


6. The potted plants and the plants that re growing in the baskets need daily watering during

the summer and dry season.


7. The Organic food is more expensive than the conventional one and the growth rate is also

increase in organic cultivation comparatively.


8. The plants that grown conventionally may sprayed over with at least 25 different chemicals.


9. The sprouted seed must be watered regularly time to time to avoid drying. If it was dried, it

will die. So it is must to sprinkle water time to time.


10. Cover the seeds with vermiculite rather than using clay. Because clay may absorb the heat

and stops the germination.


11. Use the finished compost for transplant plants which helps them to grow better throughout

the season.


12. It is better to check the amount of moisture present in the container as potting soil often

dries and must be watered regularly.


13. If you like to grow some vegetable vines, try vertical trellis which can support the fruit vines



14. Don’t do over watering during the transplanting.


15. In order to save the water, water your plants in the early morning or during dusk. Watering

during mid afternoon may burn the plants and increase the water loss.


16. Flowers picking encourages the flowers production.


17. The plants that are growing in containers need large amount of nutrients which also requires

good organic fertilizers.


18. It is better to spray fertilizers before raining whenever it is possible.


19. Do not fertilize during the winter season.


20. Caffeine is a good natural herbicide and you add tea and coffee grounds which can acts as

good compost to the plants.


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