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15 Interesting Facts About Flowers

15 Interesting Facts About Flowers

  Flowers have captured human imagination since ancient times primarily because they are beautiful (mostly) and produce various kinds of pleasing smells (with a few exceptions). Different flowers are associated with different symbolism and are used for different purposes.  Given below are some little known and strange fact about some rare and common flowers. There…

Getting the Best Out of Your Garden Tools

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  If you want to make your garden be in top shape and look great, you would have to depend greatly on the right equipment, apart from giving enough effort and time and being organized. Having the right gardening tool for the right job is very essential. To start with, you need hoes, spades, rakes,…

Health Gardening – Forget the Gym, Hit the Garden!

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If you are one of those who are forced to drag themselves to their local gym because they want to keep themselves in shape, and not particularly because they enjoy working out with metals in a closed room, here is a way out – start gardening. There’s no better way to enhance your quality of…

Vegetables in your Balcony

Vegetables in your Balcony

The idea of growing your own fresh vegetables in your balcony is indeed an exciting one. Even though kitchen gardens aren’t common in cities because of paucity of space, there is no reason why you shouldn’t grow vegetables on your balcony or in your terrace. The rewards can be many; including a satisfying hobby, a…