4 Extraordinary Houseplants that You Can Grow Indoors

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4 Extraordinary Houseplants that You Can Grow Indoors

There is no better way to improve the way your home looks than getting some good plants that would love to stay indoors. Even if it’s not just for the beauty, houseplants will make a wonderful addition to your home because they will help purify the air. The carbon dioxide we release and that’s in the air is absorbed by the plants as they require it for photosynthesis and release oxygen during the process. This helps increase the oxygen levels in your home improving the mind’s alertness and happiness. The improved quality of air brings increases your body’s ability to heal and relax. Having plants around also gives the mind a sense of serenity and calm. Besides, even NASA recommends having houseplants to clean and purify the air inside the home. So here are some of the extraordinary shade tolerant plants that you can grow.

Spider Plant


This tropical and South African native is a perennial and is a very adaptable houseplant. The plant gets the name because of the flowering branches that sprout new tiny plants which eventually droop and dangle looking like small spiders dangling from their silk threads. These plants come in two varieties, with completely green leaves or variegated leaves. Though they are a new gardener’s dream, spider plants need a little care too. They shouldn’t be overwatered and sometimes the soil needs to be let dry to prevent the root from rotting inside. They can thrive with just bright indirect light and even cool temperatures. They bloom in spring during which you can replant the spiderettes if you wish them to propagate.

English Ivy


An evergreen plant, English ivy is usually grown as a decorative plant in Europe and will make for an excellent houseplant with access to bright light. Though most popularly seen on the walls of many English cottages, homes and walls, this ivy can also be grown indoors. Full green leaf ivy requires bright light to grown in whereas variegated kinds can grow in less light than that.The soil needs to be on the dry side for this plant and a little dusting, fertilizing and removing pests from the leaves will help it grow well.

Boston Fern


Boston fern is another plant that adds a great and dramatic visual effect to your indoors. It can thrive in indirect lighting and are perfect for growing inside the house. They require moderately warm and humid temperatures and the soil needs to be kept moist so that they won’t dry out. Ferns are native to tropical areas and have been a favorite of many since the Victorian era. If you have dry climatic conditions it is important to keep watering them. They love humid climates, which is why they need to be watered regularly to keep up its moisture needs if the surrounding humidity is less. That moisture is the key to successfully growing ferns which would otherwise lose color and shed the leaves.

Peace Lily

peace lily

Native to tropical regions and southeastern Asia, peace lily is a beautiful and elegant houseplant perfect for indoors and air purification. The plant needs little sunlight and can thrive wonderfully in shade, though when placed in light it flowers more. The plant has dark leaves with white flowers that are covered by a single white leaf, mistakenly assumed to be part of the flower. If you are the type who forgets to water plants regularly then this is the plant for you. Peace lily is very tolerant to under watering and you won’t have to water it as long as the soil is moist.

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