5 Common Mistakes an Indoor Gardener Should Avoid

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5 Common Mistakes an Indoor Gardener Should Avoid

Gardening is good for the soul and when you start doing it, you are bound to make some mistakes as a beginner. You should never be afraid of making mistakes because you always learn from your mistakes and gardening is a proper example for that. Thinking of starting out too big is not a good idea always, and in the case of gardening, it’s the baby steps of growth that make you learn the most. Every plant has its specific needs, dos and don’ts. Let’s look at some of the possible mistakes that could be avoided while you start your journey on indoor gardening.


1. Lack of Research :

Proceeding without planning could be one of the biggest mistakes a gardener could do. Before you begin planting, make sure to give an adequate amount of time to do some research on gardening indoors, the kind of plants suitable and other important requirements. If you do not know then acquire the knowledge from your neighbouring florist or a book or the big world of the internet! It is very important to have proper knowledge before beginning in order to avoid wastage of time, money and energy on growing wrong plants which would not survive.


       2. Improper Lighting

Improper Lighting

Plants need sunlight to have a proper growth and process the soil and water nutrients. Every plant that you decide to grow has different lighting requirement. You should understand it first before thinking of planting it. Some plants require the sun more than others, and those demands should be honored and fulfilled. Natural lighting would be best for plants but if you cannot manage that, consider grow lights and appropriate white reflectors.


3. Improper Soil 

Improper Soil


4. Improper Spacing

Improper Spacing


You should also way enough room for letting a plant grow. Whenever you think of planting something, the first should be about the spacing. There are plants which can grow on a table or on shelves or in a corner, but there would be others which would need enough space to spread their wings. Always take care of the spacing before beginning to plant. Do not plant too closely otherwise you would create too much competition for nutrients from sunlight, soil and water and someone would end up losing.

irrational watering1.png











irrational watering











Plants require water as an essential part of their growth, to metabolize but that doesn’t mean we would under do or over do it. You need to carefully study your plant’s water requirement and then act on it accordingly. Check the soil moisture to understand the water content. Moreover, it also depends on the weather condition of the growing area; hence you need to take appropriate action.
Always have a constant cleanliness of your plants. It would make them look attractive and they would look Healthy too!! It would take you a couple of efforts to figure out the right way of doing it but keep trying and experience the Fun!

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