5 Fast-Growing Flowering Vines for Your Garden

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There are so many corners and parts of your home (both indoors and outdoors) which you want to beautify but do not get any suitable ways to do so. There would always be those bare walls waiting to be covered or those chain link fences adding to the staid landscape. Therefore to find a solution to this problem, there are some beautiful climbers which you can home grow without a lot of additional efforts. They add a pleasant touch to any garden and provide a new dimension to the gardening architecture. You can also call them as nature’s finest concealers which cover the unsightly fences and barbs and walls with beautiful greenery and stunning flowers.

Vines are chosen over trees and shrubs since they take less space to grow and can be grown in containers too. They can be “made” to grow according to your wish and way and that is the best part about growing vines. You can choose your vines based on your requirement. Think through it before you start growing them. What do you need them for? Is it for the additional shades or for the privacy? Also look for the perfect vines suiting your soil and sunlight requirement.

Let’s look at some of the quick-growing climbers which can give a beautiful makeover to the staid surrounding.

  1. Hydrangea :

These colorful and beautifully shaped flowers are a delight to the eyes. They make perfect for coverings as the lateral branches reach really far in this case. Hydrangeas initial growth is a little slow but they grow rigorously once well established. Hydrangea fans can take their obsession the next level with this climbing vine which can range about 50 feet of tallness. They are a sight to see when bloomed with pretty white flowers in summers and yellow ones during fall.

  1. Bougainvillea :

Bougainvillea is a very versatile plant which can grow over the fences or over the walls. It makes an excellent summer plant and blooms very beautiful and colorful flowers.

  1. Trumpet Vines :

Beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers in bold red and orange color; trumpet vines are an amazing vine to grow with much fuss. These are very comfortable to grow as they can work with shade and sun and can survive in draught too.

  1. Star Jasmine :

The ever so fragrant flowers of this evergreen vine are an amazing undercover or just on the walls or fences. They work so well with the surrounding and lift up the mood instantly when one gets in near vicinity to them.

  1. Autumn Clematis :

These vines grow tall and wide and ensure a full coverage of the space they are growing on to. Very tolerating towards the changing sun and soil conditions, autumn clematis is a beautiful sight to see when in full bloom.

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