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Gardening becomes so much fun and so easy when you have right set of tools in your hand and if you love gardening, you’ll want the best possible tools for every garden task. Every gardener has their favorite set of tools for gardening which they always keep handy and use when at work. Below are some of the great and must have gardening tools which would make the gardening so much easy for you and your garden will flourish.


  1. Cutting Tools :

These are the multifaceted gardening tools specially designed for cutting vines, trimming shoots and stems, cutting branches and severing roots. Tools like hedge loppers are in practice to cut the unwanted branches out and hedge shears are used to cut and shape the edges. These are Lightweight tools easily available in the market and help in doing the tasks easily and as quickly as possible.



2. Clearing tools :

Basic cleaning tools like brooms/ adjustable rakes and garbage collectors are much needed when you are dealing with your garden mess. These are one of the vital prerequisite for a gardening life because any garden would need constant cleaning to make it look beautiful. There are specially designed waste pickers and magnetic sweepers which help in quick sweeping and garbage collection.


Clearing tools 1 Clearing tools


3. Shovel or Spades :

A number one and probably the most versatile of them all, a shovel is ideal for moving piles of soil, sand and whatever else you want to in your garden. A good shovel can also help you in digging the plants out of the ground. They are preferred for sandy or loamy soil textures and are best to move large quantities of material at once. Keep your shovel’s blade sharpened and the handle attached properly and then, you are good to go.


Shovel or Spades

4. Secateurs :

Secateurs are the lifesavers when you want to cut pliable stems or deadhead flowers or chop off small woody twigs. Good secateurs help in trimming your plants up to half inches long. Comfortable and sharp secateurs make the life of gardener really easy and don’t let you feel the fatigue when there is a lot of pruning that has to be done in your garden.



5. Digging forks :

Digging into the soil would be a basic thing that you would always do in your garden. For this purpose, when you think of the tools to use, tools like shovel, spades, and forks comes to our mind since they all belong to the kind of the same family. But as every tool has some distinctive feature, digging forks are best to use for digging especially in clay like or sticky soil. They are also easy to use for aerating soil, harvesting root crops and removing larger weeds.

Digging forks

6. Gloves & Aprons:

A basic requirement to start your gardening, different kinds of gloves and aprons are available in the market basing upon your requirement. Thick gardening gloves would protect your hands from various injuries. Different kinds of gloves include leather gloves, cotton gloves, long gloves coated with nitrile and latex or rubber gloves which serves the different purposes including protecting your hand from thorny roses or keeping your hands dry or sawing, pruning and shovelling.


Gloves & Aprons


While buying the tools, always keep in mind to find the most comfortable one for you. If it feels heavy, you may be risking injury in future or if you feel the handle is too long and too big; you would not be comfortable using them at all. So, always check and test your tools before buying them. Buy them from a shop or if buying online, do look for a trusted website for gardening tools.

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