7 plants you need to turn your house into Oxygen Villa

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spider plant


Who doesn’t need a breath of fresh air but unfortunately, air quality is marked as one of the top threats to human health. Do you know how easy it is for you to make this ‘breathe of fresh air’ true all the time? You literally take a breath of fresh air every time you take a breather in your house. Who does this magic then which will help you in getting healthier? They are the Oxygen producing plants! Bringing oxygen producing plants into your home is an excellent way of adopting a healthy lifestyle hence longevity. There are several one of them that you can welcome in your home. Let’s look at 7 of them:




1. ALOE VERA: This easy to grow magician does what you want it to do i.e. absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen unlike other plants. It removes human carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde from air and is a well suited plant for bedrooms. Aloe Vera is also known as the “the plant of immortality” and people have been using it for more than 6000 years.



2. SNAKE PLANT (MOTHER IN LAW’S TONGUE):  Snake Plant is one of the best in filtering out the air pollutants like formaldehyde, smog and trichloroethylene. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night. Sharing your room with these plants would give a much needed oxygen boost to your body while you sleep peacefully.


snake plant


3. SPIDER PLANT: This is least demanding plant of the all which do not crave for your attention all the time. Even if you ignore this resilient plant, you would have a hard time killing it. These are the bright indirect sunlight and dry soil loving plants which refines the air by battling with pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and xylene. Spider plants are also known as airplane plants and they are very easy to regrow.


spider plant


4. GERBERA DAISY: This bright and beautiful plant is helpful in removing trichloroethylene and benzene. With the love towards well-drained soil and lots of light, gerbera daisy also blooms with pleasant and colourful flowers which would add a fresh feeling to you bedroom or any room you would like to put it in.


gerbera daisy

5. CHRYSANTHEMUM: The colourful flowers of chrysanthemum can do a lot more than just looking pretty, like they filter the poisonous pollutant benzene from the air and save lives. These plants love bright lights and bloom the best in direct sunlight.



6. ARECA PALMS: These plants detoxify and purify the air around you and are considered to be one of the best air purifying plants. It releases great amount of moisture throughout dry periods and puts back the moisture back in the air in winters! A beauty to place in your indoors, areca palms is one of the most popular and graceful palms which is highly recommended for removing indoor air toxins.


areca palms



7. GOLDEN POTHOS: It is a commonly hanging plant available in most of the homes today. Pothos cleans the air from toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. It also helps in relaxing the eyes when felt irritated or burned. Additionally, Pothos helps treating or prevention of hypertension, cataracts and glaucoma and bad odour gets eliminated if you have this plant at you place. These plants are poisonous hence should not be consumed.


golden photos


These indoor plants should be well maintained and taken care of to ensure expected results from them. Bring these plants home, Get started today and bring good health to your home!

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