A New Way of Composting [Infographic]

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A New Way of Composting [Infographic]

Compost is perhaps the most important nutrient you can provide to your garden soil. And composting is a great way to add nutrient-rich humus to the soil which enhances plant growth. Compost is also easy to make and is good for recycling of essential nutrients.

So far so good. But for many people the problem with preparing compost and adding it to the soil is not a very appealing one. They get put off by sight or smell of rotting garbage in their garden or lawn.

Given below is a creative way of composting using ceramic cylinders that can be buried half way into the ground. The cylinder has holes in the lower half and a cork at the top. All organic wastes can simply be dumped into the cylinder and its cork tightened. Since the cylinder has holes in the bottom half it allows worms to come in and out of the cylinder and thus spread the compost into the garden soil.

Given below are three images designed by Kelle Kimbro and sourced from Yanko Design, that explain the process in more detail.

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ArvindJune 29, 2012 at 2:51 pmReply

This can also work well in households. Provided the costing is not very high!