A Quick guide to Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

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A Quick guide to Vegetable Gardening for Beginners


Growing your own vegetable garden is not so easy as well as not too difficult. All you need is a quality time for your gardening to maintain the plants. You must know about the necessary conditions and requirements that are required for the vegetable gardening. Especially for beginners, you must know about several things before and after you start your vegetable gardening.




Things to know before you start your own vegetable garden

As you are a beginner, you must need to know about the spacing, environmental conditions, best temperature, fertilizer and other things before you start. Don’t plant too much in your first effort. Most of the people begin their first vegetable gardening by planting too many plants at a time. As a result they are unable to reap good outcome from their garden.

So don’t plant too much, start with few plantings.


How to plant a vegetable garden


Plant your garden in sunny location as vegetable plants need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight exposure. The harvest also depends upon the sunlight so plan your garden where you can supply good sunlight to your plants.



The next thing to consider is the type of soil. Loamy soil is perfect for your vegetable plants can penetrate in to soft soil with ease.



You must enrich your soil with compost with rich nutrients and water supply. Make sure the water must not drain too quickly.



Spacing also play an important role as crops like corn need more space, so if other plants are placed close to corn they will not get proper nutrients and sunlight as it began to compete for the nutrients.



Buy best quality seeds to save your money and time. Try to buy the same year seeds to get higher yields. Low quality seeds will not work better.


Plot size

Try 16X10 feet size with 11 rows wide and ten feet long. Make it wider to maintain good spacing between the plants. Vegetables like beans, carrots, radishes, spinach etc a can give you high yield.


When to plant

Crops are differentiated basing on seasons. The first thing you have to know is to get a good idea on cool weather, warm weather plants and the estimated time of harvest.

Things to know after planting your vegetable gardening

Maintain your vegetable garden with simple gardening tools. Without gardening tools, you cannot maintain your garden. There different types of gardening tools you can choose basing on your comfort and requirement. The tools make your gardening easy and comfortable.


Snails and insects

Your garden must be maintained in a clean way. You must clean the dried leaves and long bushy grassing around your vegetable plants in order to avoid the insects and other organisms in your garden.



Buy some good watering tool to avoid excess watering to your plants. Buying a good watering tool can add fun in your gardening.


Finally, follow our simple guide and enjoy your gardening. Have a good yield and happy time.

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