Advanced Guidelines for Cutting Flowers

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Advanced Guidelines for Cutting Flowers

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Selecting the Proper Flowers

Picking the right flowers to cut and take for your home is a tricky business if you truly want for the flowers to grow and stay alive for as long as possible.

You have to make sure they are clean and you have to make sure you cut them in a proper time, which means that sunlight must be restricted as much as possible, that the air must be cool and the flowers themselves must be as dry-there must be no moisture in proximity to them.

Of course the proper conditions may not be applicable to every type of flower but in general if you fail to follow those rules you are most likely to fail in your task to take the flowers home and keep them alive for a long time. Also you have to take into consideration the age of the flower. Even if it answers to all the conditions listed above, if it is too big, or too old, there is no point taking it, because being old, it will rot off with extreme ease in your home in some vase.

The Proper Manner

Make sure you do the cut at the proper place and the proper place would the one which marks the start of the healthy stem all the way without any signs of damage or disease to the head of the flower.

Cut as much as it is necessary but remember that there is no use cutting a flower too close to its head-it just looks stupid. You have to make a good cut in a diagonal direction. The diagonal incision allows the flower to heal with greater speed.

You will have to remove the leaves and the thorns from the flower to the place to which they will be submerged in the water so that the chances for the water to get polluted to become smaller. You will have to place the flower in a container with water as quickly as you can after cutting it.

Following the incision, make sure you fill the container up and place as much as possible from the flower in the water. When you reach your home, take out the flower and put inside the same or a new container but either way make sure it is filled with crystal clean water. Then leave the flower to absorb water for a couple of days.

Those several days are crucial. If the plant dies or wanes then, it won’t stay beautiful or alive for that matter for much longer. In order to support the cut flower you have to put some sort of growing supportive flower product in order to support the flower in this difficult period. Place a couple of tea spoons of flower preservative in every gallon of water and pour that mixture in the container of the flower.

To sum up, cutting flowers is not a difficult job if you want to enjoy the flowers for one or two days. But if your goal is to take the best flowers and preserve them in your home for a week or maybe two as a decoration for some special event or simply as a reminder of a beautiful day, you have to make sure you do every step of the way, as instructed in this article, in the correct manner.

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