Feeding the World: Agroecology Vs. Industrial Agriculture

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Soil to Sky: Agroecology Vs Industrial Agriculture

Agroecology is concerned with sustainable methods of farming that are stable in nature, increase productivity of crops naturally, and promote equitability in the supply of farming produce to the entire population.

It is in direct contrast to industrial farming practices that seek to mechanize farming process through increased input cost, creates imbalance in food supply because a small percentage of farmers hold the production and supply of a major chunk of farming produce.

According to the infographic below (released by The Christensen Fund), one billion of the world’s current population is hungry and another one billion eat more than their fair share, that too unhealthy food. Not just that nearly one third of the global food production is wasted.

The infographic further states,

In order to feed our world without destroying it, a holistic type of agriculture is needed, and we have a choice.Here we compare the high-input industrial system with a renewed vision for agriculture: the agroecological system.



Soil to Sky: Agroecology Vs Industrial Agriculture



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