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All about Bonsai Infographic

Bonsai is an ancient Chinese horticultural art form, adopted by the Japanese and popularized in the western world about a hundred years ago. Bonsai is a Japanese word which means, “planted in a container.”

Here are some interesting facts about Bonsai:

  1. Bonsai as a horticultural art form started in China about 2000 years ago.
  2. Originally bonsai trees used to be spread throughout China as luxurious gifts.
  3. Bonsai style is influenced by Zen Buddhism popular in Japan.
  4. One of the oldest bonsai trees is over 800 years old! Its owner, Master Kobayashi, is one of the most well known bonsai artists of the world.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, a bonsai is not a miniature tree. These are normal trees kept miniature through sophisticated horticultural practices.

The infographic below by Bonsai Empire gives more details about Bonsai, it’s style, history and tools needed.

All about Bonsai Infographic

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