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Best Time to Water Your Plants

watering plant

You may agree or not but being a successful gardener is hard. It’s the most satisfying thing to do, but it’s hard. There is so much learn, take care of and many more things. When it comes to Gardening, the first and the foremost thing a gardener should know is how and when to water…

Plants for your Bedroom to Help You Sleep

piece-full plant for sleep

I think everybody hates those sleepless nights when you just toss and turn around with minimal sleep getting up in the morning all groggy and irritated and your entire day of work goes for a toss! These sleepless nights takes toll on not only energy but your productivity, mood and overall quality of the day….

5 Fast-Growing Flowering Vines for Your Garden

flower garden

There are so many corners and parts of your home (both indoors and outdoors) which you want to beautify but do not get any suitable ways to do so. There would always be those bare walls waiting to be covered or those chain link fences adding to the staid landscape. Therefore to find a solution…

Plants and Herbs That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

plants and herbs

  Mosquitoes are such a big problem these days!! They are not only a nuisance when around but are very harmful for the healthy too by bringing all sort of diseases with their stink. When you are a gardener and you have your beautiful garden around, it sure does attract a lot of insects too….

Wildflowers – An All Natural Pesticide for Your Garden

flower gardening

Pesticides are harmful, not only to our money wallet but to the environment too. If we start with all the harm that they do to our crops, our health, and our environment, it’s going to be a long list. With so many cons to it, why not find out an all natural way of killing…

Gardening – The Exercise in Mindfulness

Gardening – The Exercise in Mindfulness

We live in a time where everything is going fast and everyone is running.  Nobody has a second to wait or relax or think and everyone is in a hurry. Amidst all of this, Mindfulness – the ancient Buddhist tradition of immersing oneself in the present has become the latest buzzword. In the last few…

The Art of Imperfect Gardening

gardening art

The buzz word “Wabi-Sabi” has been all over the internet these days! Hence, it’s time for us too to understand this concept so that we can implement it in our gardening.   Imperfect gardening or famously called “Wabi-Sabi” has evolved out of Buddhist philosophy in Japan and is basically an art of appreciating beauty in…

Organic Gardening – The Useful Trend to Follow

organic gardening

Ecological or Organic Gardens are a thing of the present as well as a trend of the future. The past 5 years that has gone by has seen so many developments in this sector that it has become a must thing to explore. The entire concept of growing your own food is so beautiful and…

Money Saving Gardening Tips You Can Follow in 2018

Money Saving Gardening Tips You Can Follow in 2018

Every New Year brings that urge in us to have new things or things in a new way around us! We buy new clothes in the crazy sales, get a new haircut and also try to give a new look to our old existing garden. This makeover plan sounds really good in our head but…

Healing House Plants to Grow Indoors

Healing House Plants to Grow Indoors

  Indoor Plants are back big time!! They are so in the fashion these days. But, this time they are not only in for aesthetic reasons but for several different characteristics like air purifying, stress reduction, humidity control and reduction in sound pollution. There are several other positive perks that come in for you when…

Vertical Gardening – Its Time for Your Garden to Grow up!

Vertical Gardening – Its Time for Your Garden to Grow up!

When you live in an urban area, like all of us here, a bit of greenery is hard to be seen but the vertical gardens provide a great way to refresh the space and bring greenery around. The new age concept of vertical gardening is one of the hottest trends of the current times. Although…

The Rise of Small Gardening – Tips for Gardening in Small Space

The Rise of Small Gardening – Tips for Gardening in Small Space

We all must have heard that phrase “Good things come in small packages” and may be believed in it too.  Well, it could not have been truer for a garden in small spaces! The notion that a garden requires a plot of land is outdated. These days, space is an additional payment but that doesn’t…

Must Have Gardening Tools For Your Garden

gardening tools

Gardening becomes so much fun and so easy when you have right set of tools in your hand and if you love gardening, you’ll want the best possible tools for every garden task. Every gardener has their favorite set of tools for gardening which they always keep handy and use when at work. Below are…