How to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

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How to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

A well maintained and beautiful  lawn is an essential element of any garden. There are a few basic but important activities that need to be taken care of to make a lawn look beautiful and healthy.


A lawn should be mowed regularly to make it look even and attractive. The optimum grass height of a mowed lawn is around 4 cm. Between April to October, lawns should be mowed once every week. This also avoids the grass from growing too big. If the grass does grow too big, it’s height should be reduced in stages, not all at once. Of course, the mowing frequency depends on the local climate and lawn characteristics.


Watering is one of the most important elements of lawn care. For watering it is generally advisable to go for lengthy watering sessions but less frequently. Ideally, a lawn should be watered thoroughly once or twice in a week, preferably during evenings. A well watered lawn would have moist soil upto 15 cm deep. This is a good way of checking if your is thirsty or well watered.


Nutrients are very essential for grass growth and also for retaining their natural green colour. Good nutrients for grass should contain Nitrogen, Potash, Phosphate and magnesium in equal proportions.


Mulching is a good technique for providing nutrirnts to your lawn. Mulch is basically a protective cover over ground done for various purposes including providing nutrients to the ground. While mowing a lawn using a lawn mower, the grass cuttings can be left spread over the ground. They will soon decompose and provide organic nutrients to the ground.

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