Beautify your garden with the right flowers and vegetables this fall!

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Beautify your garden with the right flowers and vegetables this fall!

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Winter has almost reached its peak and it won’t be long before the intensity of cold would be shaken off with the upcoming season of fall. Though you might think that fall is a season of dryness and leaves getting shed from trees, however this natural phenomenon occurs to pave a way for newer and fresher growths.

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This is the right time to grow some colourful and productive plants which will not only bloom your garden but will also provide you with fresh and nutritious vegetables. These plants can easily withstand the initial freezing months of their growth without any problems. Most importantly you can make the most out of your winter vacations by involving yourself in gardening and keeping yourself active.


Asters are beautiful flowers bearing long petals and look very beautiful in gardens or to be placed in flower vases indoors. The plant bears beautiful and brightly colored flowers that are pink, purple, white and blue. Another unusually attractive flower is the toad lily. These perennial flowers require little care and fall favors their growth. Toad lilies are generally orchid shaped bearing bright spots. Fall is the season of colors and nothing complements fall as much as golden rods do. These are bright yellow colored flowers will surely add a tinge of colorfulness to a dull garden. Colchicums are another beautiful species of flowers having a pinkish color.  These beautiful cup shaped flowers will surely impress onlookers and your gardening will be appreciated by all.



Apart from growing flowers, you can also benefit from the climatic conditions by growing such vegetables which are favoured by fall. Beetroots are nutritious vegetables rich in vitamin A and C having edible leaves and roots as well. Though not much liked by children, broccolis are a good source of vitamins and minerals. They grow well both in fall and early spring since low temperatures are ideal for their growth. Broccolis can also be grown indoors so gardening won’t be much of a hassle if you’re planning to grow them. Cabbages are also grown in winter like broccolis and are rich in essential minerals, vitamins iron and magnesium. It only takes two to three months before you can harvest a fully grown cabbage.



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