Benefits of Vegetable Gardening

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Benefits of Vegetable Gardening

But if each man could have his own house, a large garden to cultivate and healthy surroundings – then, I thought, there will be for them a better opportunity of a happy family life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           George Cadbury

And if you could plant vegetables in such a garden, apart from getting a happy family you would get a healthy one too! Who wouldn’t want to eat fresh vegetables grown in one’s own garden? That, in essence, is the benefit of having a vegetable garden. But that’s not the only benefit. There are others too.

  1. Fresh vegetables picked from your own garden will be fresher than those you would get from the market. It would also mean less wastage because you would pluck only as much as you need.
  2. In times of recession it makes sense to cut down on kitchen expenses by growing your own vegetables. Even if there is no recession, growing your own vegetables can save you a lot of hard earned money, considering the never ending increase in the prices of different vegetables in the market. Agreed, that there is an initial investment required for preparing a garden to grow vegetables, but it’s an investment worth making.
  3. If you go for organic gardening you can be extra sure that the vegetables your family is growing up on, is not polluted by harmful chemicals.
  4. Growing vegetables in you garden can prove to be a great family science project for your kids, who could all these vegetables grow in their natural environment and learn what books couldn’t teach!
  5. More than anything else, growing your own vegetables in your garden gives you and your family a sense of self sufficiency. You know that even if times are difficult, or if you start living in a place where there is no access to fresh vegetables in the market you won’t have to compromise on your family’s well being. You could grow your own food. And so could your kids!
  6. Share the extra vegetables that you grow with your neighbours and your family will become the most popular and social family in the neighborhood in no time! Isn’t it a great way to encourage community health and well being?

So if you are thinking of starting a garden, go right ahead and plant vegetables in them!


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