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You may agree or not but being a successful gardener is hard. It’s the most satisfying thing to do, but it’s hard. There is so much learn, take care of and many more things. When it comes to Gardening, the first and the foremost thing a gardener should know is how and when to water the plants properly. The watering right would save your money, your time and also your plants which is what we work for. Understanding the best time to water your plants is very crucial in growing beautiful luscious and healthy plants. There is no hard and fast rule to follow when it comes to watering. It’s just your own judgment depending on the weather, the time of the year, the type of plant, the type of the soil and several other factors.


Morning Sunshine:

If you love waking up in the morning unlike me, you’ll be the happiest to know that,early mornings are the best time to water your plants. During this time the sun is barely up and the temperature around is still low so the plants get the time to soak up the water and it gets penetrated to the soil into the roots without getting lost to evaporation. This saves the plants from the scorching heat in the afternoon being full of water due to morning watering.


Early Evening:

For people like me who love gardening but hate waking up early mornings, this is the best time to water your plants. It would not be as beneficial as early mornings but certainly helpful. Avoid having water all over the plant leaves rather focus most on the roots. Damp leaves in the evening with the minimal option to evaporate cause for several plant diseases.

Avoid watering in afternoons and nights. Both the time is not right for the plants and would be more harmful than beneficial for your plants.

Along with all of the above techniques, take care of the below points regarding watering to avoid damaging your plants:

  1. Do not over water your garden. Watering too much can kill plants just as watering very little can.
  2. Water consistently to avoid drought. It also depends on the type of the plant and their water requirement so use the internet and your brains to know about it and water them accordingly.
  3. Deep watering helps you save your time as well as prevents overwatering. Instead of shallow watering for 2-3 times, deep watering once would be a great option. It’s better to water with plenty of water once that with little water often.
  4. Focus on the root zones when watering to avoid the leaves getting too damped with water.
  5. Water only when it is required. Check for the damping status in the soil and then water accordingly

Do try all of these if you were not already doing so and you will see the great range of improvement in your garden growth. If you have any other ideas, please make sure to mention that in the comment section below!

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