Creating Fragrant Herb Garden – 5 herbs you can choose from

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Creating Fragrant Herb Garden – 5 herbs you can choose from

A herb garden is like a gift to your own self and to your own garden. Whether you grow edible herbs or herbs for other purposes, most of them give a sensory bonus of beautiful fragrance. They enhance the garden’s ambience by making it feel welcoming, exotic and unique. Not only do you get to enjoy your own grown food but also get to relish in the fragrance and beauty of the herbs as they keep growing. A breath of beautiful smell always relaxes and stirs flow of emotions and bring back memories. So, having an aromatic garden at home is a wonderful idea for anyone. Your garden need not be filled with intricacy and lavishness but it can be as simple as choosing few pleasantly scented herbs. Below are some of the most fragrant herbs which would make you grab your spade and start gardening:



Basil is generally thought of as a culinary herb as It is one of the main ingredients in the most popular herb based pasta based dishes – pesto but you should also know that basil is a fragrant herb of limitless variety. It has a mild flavor with slightly sweet notes. There is a various variety of basils, some of them namely sweet basil, lemon basil and Thai Basil. When planting basil outside, look for an area with full sunlight.



2. Lavender :

Lavender is a quintessential fragrance plant, a wonderful multi-purpose herb: Beautiful looking, amazingly scented and good for looking. It is a difficult plant to grow in some areas, but there are various varieties to choose hence most gardeners can find one which they can plant in their garden. They produce slight calming, soothing and sedative effects with their scents. Lavender plants are very drought resistant and sensitive to dampness.




3. Mint

Mint is another incredibly fragrant herb that is instantly recognized by its fresh scent. It has a very strong aroma and the flavor. It is little doubt that people will enjoy the taste of mint so much if it weren’t so aromatic. The clean astringent smell, the milder scent from the plant has similar effects like relaxation, improved concentration, relieved sinuses and cure headaches.



4. Rosemary

With its deep green coloration and white, lavender and blue flowers, rosemary is a beautiful plant. It has a strong and wonderful pine fragrance. Rosemary is also an ornamental herb apart from being known for its beautiful smell. This is a woody herb and tends to grow in a shrub like a shape. It is another herb that wouldn’t taste so wonderful if you don’t get a smell of its earthy scent




5. Jasmine :

To enjoy a truly relaxed backyard experience, a jasmine plant is a must for a home. The sweet smell of jasmine is an excellent way of calming nerves with zero side effects. Its sweet musky scent which grows stronger in the evening cannot be ignored by anyone. These plants need the sun to shade and like sun very much.



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