Easy Garden Cleaning Tips

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Easy Garden Cleaning Tips

Easy Garden Cleaning Tips

Spring is coming fairly soon and with it you will need to go out in your garden, making sure you have an easier time when you plant new life into the ground after the end of the long winter. There is no harm in preparing the garden space and cleaning it from debris and fallen branches, but you will need to do a bit more if you want to wait too much when it comes to cleaning the garden. The following tips will let you know what you must do to make it happen:

Perennial plants and flowers
There are cases where the stems of shrubs and such as artemisia, buddleia, lavender and similar solutions that will need to be cut back during the spring, as only this will allow them to bloom with new branches. You need to prune them each year of you want to minimize the amount of damage the cold days of winter have brought on and to ensure the plants will have new flowers. You would do well to take care of this once the hard frost is finally over. Most of the woody perennials will allow you to see when this needs to be done when they start opening buds on their lower stems. New growth should be a sign for you to do that.

Easy Garden Cleaning Tips2

Cleaning services for the garden
The first thing you need to do is to remove all dried perennials, using them for compost as you go. Once you do that, you will need to keep in mind that the plants that feed themselves will already have that done so you won’t need to do it for them to keep growing. If you fail to prune them back, you will likely have them struggling once spring finally arrives. A lot of them would also benefit if they are left alone during the winter due to the added protection. If you did leave them alone, make sure you still keep your eyes open for new growth and have them pruned when that happens.

Semi-evergreens and evergreens
Depending on where your garden is located, you may actually have perennials that never enter their dormant stage. They will likely still need care to keep them alive however, so you would do well to keep that in mind. Heuchera, Hellebores, Epimedium plants and so forth, such as the bearded iris will all keep their leaves throughout the winter cold. You need to trim back the foliage once spring finally arrives to keep them growing.

Cleaning services for ornamental grass
If you have any ornamental grass growing around your garden and you left it during the winter, then you will need to cut it as soon as you can get to it. There is no need to wait for new growth with ornamental grass, as cutting it a few inches off the ground will allow it to grow again with greater strength. Make sure you don’t go too far however and keep things within reasonable limits.

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