Effects of LED Grow Lights to Indoor Gardening

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Effects of LED Grow Lights to Indoor Gardening

This article is contributed by Collin Hill. He is the Company Manager of GrowBlu that offers high quality LED Grow lights. He is aiming to help a lot of gardeners and greenhouse owners to see the many benefits offered by using LED lights in gardening instead of the traditional lighting facilities.

Have you heard about LEDs on the market? Most of you may probably hear about this because they are often used on new television sets today. Aside from this, LEDs are also used as Grow lights. You will surely find a lot of gardeners who are using LED grow lights on their greenhouses. LED Grow lights have grown in popularity especially when the benefits that it offers to plants on greenhouses have been proven by professionals. Here are some of the facts that you need to know about LED and how it can provide benefits to your plants.

LED Light

What is LED?

LED is an abbreviation of Light Emitting Diodes. They are only small in size but several are placed on a single light to emit light. Among its many uses, one of the best and considered as a latest innovation on the industry is the usage of LED grow lights for growing plants. It is already proven that these lights can help accelerate the growth of plants inside the house. They serve as a means for the plants to get the light that they need to continue the process of photosynthesis without the sunlight. It may be artificial but it does not post any threats or problems to the flowers or fruits that the plants bear.

Simple Facts about LED Grow Lights

  1. As what is said earlier, the most important thing to know about these grow lights is its ability to accelerate the growth of the plants. Also, it will allow the gardeners to grow different plants, flowers and vegetables inside your house without the need to bring them out on the sunlight. It includes tomatoes, lettuces, roses, basil and more. It allows the plants to grow effectively and more affordable since these lights do not eat a lot of energy compared to traditional growing lights. You can also have the option to change the light to blue or red depending on the needs of the plants.
  1. It is also the best more multi-tier gardening. As you all know, multi-tier gardening requires a confined space so LEDs can be the best bet. They are small in size and light in weight and they also provide targeted high intensity light that is perfectly suited for multi-tier gardening.
  1. It is also known that the plant’s growth rate also increases through the help of LEDs. Whether you make use of indoor or outdoor lights, the grow rate of the plants will significantly increase. A lot of professionals already made a research about this and they already proven that this is a fact. It is said that the photosynthesis process of the plants does not stop and it takes place round the clock. However, sunlight only appears for a few hours every day so during night time, the photosynthesis of the plants stops due to lack of sunlight. When you sue LED grow lights during night time, the photosynthesis will never stop and it will go on for 24 hours and improve the growth rate of the plants.
  1. The red and blue light that you can see on LED grow lights is not only for show because it also plays a very important role in the growth of the plants. The red light helps the plants on the photosynthesis and increasing the doses of the light can stimulate growth. You can expect the plants to grow flowers and fruits faster. On the other hand, the blue light is intended for vegetable growth. The blue light is responsible for the health of the plants. After the plants absorb the red light for photosynthesis, they will absorb the blue light next. Both lights are very important for the growth of the plants.

These are only some of the known facts about LED Grow lights when it comes to plants. All these facts are proven to be true based on the research of professionals. As of today, LED lights are being used on a myriad of activities especially on the plant growing industry. Aside from being very convenient and affordable to use, LED grow lights can help improve the growth of the plants and keep them healthy to allow them to produce healthy crops, fruits and flowers.

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