Five secrets for high yielding vegetable gardening

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Five secrets for high yielding vegetable gardening


Everything has become chemically made today and when comes to food, it effects on our immune system and making our body more prone to different diseases. Organic foods are the best way to stay healthy and fit. So many people are showing their interest in developing a better organic vegetable garden. So here are some secrets behind high yielding vegetable garden.





Prepare your soil

Preparation of soil plays an important role in the fetching of high yielding. The soil which is deep ,

organically rich can encourage the growth of extensive root system which can absorb the nutrients and

water more efficiently. Make some raised beds in order to get deep in to the fertile soil. The raised beds

generally yield four times more. Use less space paths to allow more plants to grow. Many research

reports revealed that maintaining 30×30 foot garden plants in beds can supply food for three people for

an year by just spending three days in gardening.


Interplanting technique

This technique is more advantageous to boost the quick growth of vegetables. So, try an interplant

combinations to combine the quick growth and slow growth vegetable plants.


Smart placement

In order to get the high yields from every bed you have to spend time in arranging the plants in triangle

manner instead in rows and squares. So you can fit more plants. But, don’t ever plant too tight in one

space. The harvest will get doubled if you place in a smart way.


Vertical vines

You can grow more crops in small space with vertical gardening. Try growing the vine crops like

tomatoes, peas, melons etc. the vertical growing can saves your time and effort. Try growing the vining

crops in the trellis and obtain good yields.

Vegetables that fit in vertical gardening are tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, pole beans etc. the

tomatoes can grow continues and produce high yielding by wiring in cages that supports them. It just

requires a very minimum attention for the growth. The pole beans can produce longer span and

cucumbers can go well with high yielding.


Grow more than one crop with successions

The succession planting technique allows you to grow more plants. By using this technique you can grow

more than three types of plants in one area. Try using the transplants which are already a month older

which can mature much faster that the plant that grow by direct seeding. Nourish the sol with half inch

layer compost every time you replant.


You can follow these secrets for better yielding of your vegetable garden and grow your veggies

organically to stay healthy and happy.

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