Flower Gardening for The Summer Season

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flower gardening

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flower gardeningMore and more people are starting to grow their own flowers in their very own back yard/front yard or flower pots/baskets. A beautiful garden can and will never go a miss and the personal feeling of a sense of achievement after your flowers have grown is indescribable.

Professional gardeners or those who had many years of experience will know how to plant their flowers. They will also be well informed about the certain flowers which can be grown during specific seasons. If you are an amateur, or a beginner planning on growing your very own flowers this summer, you may need a little direction when it comes to choosing the right flowers to grow.

That is exactly what this article aims to do. Give you a little guidance on what you should be planting, and how you should be planting it.

Summer flowers are a great way of brightening your garden, especially after a cold, dull winter. Summer flowers start appearing in stores as early as spring, but before planting anything, it is wise to ensure that the worst of the winter weather is over i.e. there is no chance of a snowfall etc. Now we all know that weather is sometimes completely unpredictable, but try to make an educated guess, or just ask someone at the store.

It is always recommended that you buy ready to plant summer flowers, rather than try to grow your own. This is especially true if you are an amateur.

How do you decide which flowers to grow? Well this depends on a few factors.

If the location where you want to plant and grow your summer flowers i.e. the flowerbed, is, or will be in direct sunlight for the most of the day, you would have to think about investing in heath resistant, hardy plants. If you are unsure which plants are included in this group, once again ask a member of staff and they will be more than happy to help you. Also, try choosing a variety of different flowers since they add more colour and variety to your flower bed.

If your flower bed will be in a shady environment for the majority of the day, you need to pick flowers which can grow with as little sunlight as possible. These include Impatiens, Vinca and many more. Again, if you are struggling, seeking a professional’s help will be the wisest thing to do.

You also need to decide on the colors of the flowers you wish to grow. Remember, you want to add as much color to your flower bed as possible. Certain colors give off certain illusions e.g. red flowers will look larger than they actually are, whereas blue flowers will look smaller than they actually are. Adding bright colors such as yellow or pink will also contribute to the feeling of spring, and will nicely break up any other colors.

The most important part of growing your own summer plants is to ensure that your flower bed is prepared in the right way. The soil should be weed free and moist. Generally you may find that there is no need to water the soil since the winter season rain, snow and ice has kept it moist. Keep the flowerbed fertilized a while before you actually plant any flowers. This is going to ensure that your flowers grow beautifully. When using fertilizer, always follow the instruction on the packaging.

After planting your plants, regular watering and fertilizing will keep them growing well. Remove any dead leaves and buds as you see them.

Voila! A beautiful garden!

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