Fruity Indoors – 5 Fruits You Can Grow Inhouse

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in house fruit

I love fruits so much!! And who doesn’t love them! They are really healthy, juicy and tasty hence you do not have any reason whatsoever to not like them. So, how awesome it would be if we could grow them inside our apartments and do not need a specific outdoor garden for them! Indeed an amazing idea right?! Having the “Fruits” of your own labor, like literally! Pun intended. In this article, we would talk about some of those less demanding fruity plants that do not throw the tantrums of growing only in gardens and can adjust with us growing indoors. These plants are multipurpose in the sense that they are both decorative and edible. Diving into the world of fruit trees, below are the 5 who are absolutely perfect to grow indoors with a little bit of extra care



in house fruit


Growing lemons in-house would be most productive when you opt for a dwarf cultivar like Meyer lemon. The size of these plants stay pretty much small and they yield quick results i.e. lemons in this case. Slightly acidic and loam- based soil and moisture in the air is best suited for growing lemons. Regular water spray, a whole lot of sunlight and breath of fresh air is all they would need to flourish. Growing lemons in-house is a beautiful aromatic experience and give you a chance to relish on a delightful sour fruit.




Strawberry plants are an extremely popular home gardening plant which produces fruit quickly and doesn’t trouble much the garden. These plants can grow in little spaces and would just need to be planted in a deep pot and a well-lit room. And talking about the decorative part, once the tree blooms, you would not be able to put your eyes on anything else other than the beautiful baby strawberries.




Most the people would think that there is “NO WAY” we can grow a pineapple in our house but they are so wrong. We can definitely grow them indoors and dive into the sweet fruit not quite possibly but also quite easily. All they need is a clay pot with a potting mix of peat, sand and perlite and bright sunlight.





For the tastiest and the easiest fruit to grow, there are different cultivars of figs that one can choose from. The best one for an indoor planting would be Negro Largo which can thrive and survive in the in-house garden and would not be much of a trouble. An incredibly attractive plant, these are also self- pollinating plants and would need watering once a week. Sunlight requirement is the bright light and away from cold totally! The growth and the size of fruits would depend on the size of your pot but you surely would not be disappointed.





Yet again, dwarf cultivars and large pots are the best suited for growing mulberries indoors. They are slow growing plants and need regular potting soil, regular watering and full exposure to sunlight to blossom. The fruits of this tree i.e. the mulberries look like small versions of blackberries and taste amazing.

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