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Everyone wants to get away from their busy life, take a breath of fresh air and forget about their troubles even for a short span of time. Gardening is one of the hobbies that could be a relaxing and a pleasant experience. There is something about planting a tree, nourishing it and relishing on its fruits after all the hard work and patience and you know the best part!! It can be taken up by any age group! So be it you or your grandfather or your mom or you all together, you can invest your time and energy in this and can enjoy some quality time together! Gardening is a more effective exercise of all the others in market. Quit the gym training and wasting hours on trade mills and Get on to gardening, it is more rewarding and more enjoyable as well!



According to an article published on daily Mail UK, the science has also proved that Gardening is a positive boost to the mental health and it helps in overcoming depression! Britain’s National Health Service suggests 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week, which includes activities like walking and gardening.


Let’s look at some of the prerequisites for a fruitful gardening:


1. Sun Requirement: To grow a plant, first we need to know what their basic requirements are. Plants are adapted to different sun exposures for optimum growth, flowering and fruiting.Siting vegetables, flowers, perennials and herbs in your home garden requires careful observation of sunlight received through the day and through the four seasons. Soil, water, temperature and light interact providing different micro climates in your garden. Plants are labelled into three groups based on their light requirements.


2. Soil Testing:  Know your soil before deciding where and what to plant. Explore around your yard and choose the site where soil texture and drainage look best for gardening. Dig soil samples for testing, at the depth where plants are to be set. The most critical indicators to check are pH and fertility. Soil Testing is worth every effort made in doing it. You can get to know the nutrient deficiencies as well the percentage of soil acidity, percentage of organic matter and the soil texture.


3. Water Supply: know your availability of water supply near your garden so that it always has proper supply and dosen’t get dried up.

These are some of the steps to be followed for getting a beautiful garden as a result. Everyone looking for a long life of their planted baby trees should keep in their minds the above checks. Gardening is an overwhelming experience and everyone should give it a try, especially the lazy ones who hate exercising and don’t want to jump on to the treadmills, this is the blessing in disguise for them. This process as a hobby is good for health, fitness as well as recreation. Everyone should try this because Gardening is cheaper than therapy and then you get free fruits as well!

And as said by Mirabel Osler “There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling”, Start Smiling today!!

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