Gardening – The Exercise in Mindfulness

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Gardening – The Exercise in Mindfulness

We live in a time where everything is going fast and everyone is running.  Nobody has a second to wait or relax or think and everyone is in a hurry. Amidst all of this, Mindfulness – the ancient Buddhist tradition of immersing oneself in the present has become the latest buzzword. In the last few years, the media have had a great deal of discussion about this whole concept of mindfulness. Simplifying things for you, this entire concept basically means being aware of what is happening inside as well as outside us. It is the state of your mind where you are calm and consciously aware of what is happening in your body and soul as well as in your surroundings. Being more aware of the moment help us in enjoying the world more and understand own self better. Many researchers have found out that this is very useful towards curing mental health and dealing with issues like depression and anxiety.  Increased mindfulness also helps in improved mental clarity, concentration, emotional flexibility, patience, tolerance and empathy reducing stress and tension.


Several noted people have also predicted that this concept of mindfulness is going to have a strong impact on how we design and work on our garden this year of 2018. Caring for your garden can be a great way of mindfulness meditation. Many of us have had a beautiful day in our garden and feel like it should never end. We experience the pure peace and tranquillity in that one moment. And that is the time we had attended a short flash of mindfulness when everything feels good and the surrounding feels peaceful. Gardening has always been a happy exercise and the benefit it brings towards mindfulness is immense. The sensory experience of gardening, working on the plants, in the soil and plucking the fruits keep our mind in the present moment. Worries about the future or the past get dissolve and all our energy is channelized into the present, here and now!  It helps us nurture our creative sense and opens up all the senses in the good part of our brain to help us think better and be a problem solver. If you come to think of it, gardening teaches a lot more than we inculcate. It teaches life’s important lessons of happiness. It teaches us to have patience, tells that that hard work always gives you fruits and teaches to be in calm, composed, content and an aware state of mind.


Therefore, the focus would be on incorporating those elements in the gardening which stimulates the senses. Bright colors, pots with strongly scented flowers and water streams flowing in your garden can really work that way. There is a Chinese proverb that says that “If you want to be happy for a lifetime, be a gardener”. So, here, now you have the key to your happiness known to you! Start exploring! Go ahead and get dirty!

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