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If you want to make your garden be in top shape and look great, you would have to depend greatly on the right equipment, apart from giving enough effort and time and being organized. Having the right gardening tool for the right job is very essential. To start with, you need hoes, spades, rakes, pruners, mower and a wheelbarrow. Other jobs may require others tools too.

Here are some tips and suggestions on having the right set of tools and how to make the most of them:

Get the Best Tools – There is no substitute for quality. Not getting the best quality tools and going for cheaper ones may be less costly initially, but considering that best quality tools can last as much as times longer than cheap tools, you will be losing money in the long run. Buy your tools from a reputed company with proven track record and guaranteed performance.  Tools with steels blades are good, those with stainless steels (or other such material) are the best, because they don’t rust. All tools should have proper, comfortable handles and smooth movement. Faulty tools without proper grip, may tire you faster.

Get Organized – Keep all your tools in one place in a basket or some sort of container so that you don’t have to search for them all over the place when you need them. Also don’t forget to keep each equipment in its proper place after its usage. Like you your tools also love to go back to their home after a hard day’s work!

Avoid Accidents – While using tools take extra care to keep them in a position that doesn’t cause any passerby to trip on them or get hurt by stepping on them. Imagine your kid running towards you in the garden, and because you left the rake with its pointed teeth up, stepped on it and got hurt badly. You definitely would want that. Similar care needs to be taken with electric equipment like lawnmower or chainsaw.

After Use Cleaning – You should keep a bucket of sharp sand and 1 quarter of automobile oil somewhere in your garage or garden to clean off your tools after use, especially those that are prone to rusting. After use, clean your tools with water and dru them. Then insert them in the oil sand mixture. The sand will help polish the tool surface, while the oil will coat the metal protecting it from rust.

Maintain Performance – When your cutting tools start becoming dull, it’s time to sharpen their blades, so that you don’t tire yourself cutting stuuf with blades that don’t work. For fuel operated machines like chainsaw, change the oil regularly and clean the parts for smooth functioning. If you have tools with grips, after some time the grip starts sliding off. To stop that from happening, wrap the bare handle with double-faced tape, lubricate the tape with mineral spirits, and slide the grip back on. The mineral spirits will evaporate and the grips will stay in place.

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