Getting Your Garden Wedding Ready

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Whether you are hosting an outdoor wedding in your garden, holding the reception in a back garden marquee or just hosting guests from the wedding the next day, you will want to make sure your garden looks its best for the big day so there are a few areas which will need your attention in the run up.


Sara from said ‘A garden setting can be perfect for that special day, with the right decoration and preparation it can be an ideal alternative to pricey wedding venues or hotels.’



  1. Preparing the lawn

Your lawn is going to be the shining centrepiece and will have to be strong enough to deal with being trampled on, having children running around, and also tables, chairs and marquees on it potentially, so it will need some preparation. You want it to look green and lush, not balding and yellow, on the big day.


Start working on the lawn months before the wedding by feeding the grass and getting rid of weeds and moss, to make sure it is strong enough to cope with everything the wedding will bring to it. Bear in mind the area where a marquee and tables etc… will be laid out, could end up stuck under temporary flooring for a few days too so you need to build up its resilience.


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  1. Cheat with pots and hanging baskets

If you don’t have time to plant lots of flowers in the garden, or your garden doesn’t really have space for flower beds, you can add colour and flowers temporarily by using hanging baskets and pot plants – no-one will know they haven’t been in your garden the whole time and you can buy them all ready planted! This is great for brightening up a patio area or a garden which is largely lawn.


  1. Colour for the flower beds

If you do have flower beds, then you will need to head down to your local nursery and discuss flower beds with them. You will need to buy seasonal flowering plants and get them in as close to the wedding date as possible for maximum floral impact. If you can go for flowers that match the wedding colour theme even better for the bride! Opt for seasonal bedding plants and make sure all of the borders are tidy and weed free, well in advance of the big day. You will need to go through your current border plants and remove any dead flowers and leaves etc… to make sure the beds and borders look beautiful.


  1. Grooming and tidying the garden

Once you have the lawn and beds ready, just go round the garden and make sure everything else is tidy and groomed. Edge the lawn and get rid of any old tatty garden furniture or ornaments by hiding them in the shed for the big day. Make sure you can’t see the compost heap or piles of leaves and that everything in the garden is shipshape.


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  1. Think about the furniture you will need

Do you need to order the garden furniture to accommodate all of the guests – have you got enough suitable chairs, a gazebo, a big enough table and do you need to get a company in to set this all up or can you do it all yourself, with help from the family. It’s also worth having a plan B in case the weather turns against you.


  1. A last minute checklist

Create a last minute checklist for yourself of anything that you will need to do or check in the run up to the big day, such as check for weeds, sweep down garden paths, clear away any rubbish and make sure all of the plants and furniture are ready and ordered to arrive in time for the big day.


Getting your garden ready for a wedding might seem a bit daunting but you can always get a gardener in to help you with some of the bigger jobs if you need to. As long as you start planning well in advance, as soon as you know the garden is going to be required, then you are guaranteed that your garden will be looking great in time for the big day.


As long as you feed and weed the lawn for several months in advance of the wedding, to avoid yellow or brown patches and thin grass, then you know that the bride and groom will be greeted with a lush, green, space on which to celebrate their big day.


Preparing all the plants and flowers in advance is crucial as you need to be able to relax and join in the festivities on the day itself. The last thing you want is to be cutting dead heads and pulling out weeds in between the wedding breakfast courses!

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