Give Your Garden A Deisgner Look With These Inspired Tips

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Give Your Garden A Deisgner Look With These Inspired Tips


We all love to spend time outside. So there is no surprise that our gardens are one of the palaces many people choose to spend time. But less than half of those people invest real time in designing their garden. Sure you may mow the lawn and tidy up. But what about treating your garden as an extension of your home? An outside room. This is where giving your garden a designer look could help you do that. With that in mind, here are my tips to help you achieve that.




Get creative with your patio areas

People can become a little complacent with their patio areas. Things like decking have become more popular. While this is a great idea for segregating garden spaces you may want to consider something different for that designer look. Things like large pavers could be an excellent alternative to standard patio area materials. Even the way you lay them could be different. Perhaps opting for a diagonal paving process rather than something straight and easy. There are plenty of ways you could get more creative with your patio area. Even by what you choose to place on it. You just need to think outside of the box.


Consider modern touches

If you are hoping for a more designer look, then some modern touches could give your garden that extra special look. Things like modern furniture or seating areas are a great way to make more use of your garden. Some furniture sets offer inspired designs like day beds and corner sofas. They can be both relaxing and a design feature all in one.


Give Your Garden A Deisgner Look With These Inspired Tips


Solar lighting can give your garden the edge

We’ve all seen those gardens that are lit up at night. Ever wondered how that was possible without the huge electric bill? The answer is solar lighting. These days you can purchase little towered lights, big and small, and place them in your garden. Ensuring they get natural sunlight throughout the day. Then at night they power up to light up your garden. It can make your garden feel much more like a usable space in the evening, and will definitely give it the edge on the neighbours.


Keep things maintained and neat

It goes without saying, but if you are hoping to create a designer finish in your garden, then you must keep those lawns maintained and tidy. A great way to do this is regularly mowing the lawn and trimming the edges. You could also give you lawn a treatment of food to help make it grow or become greener and vibrant looking. Keeping the garden tidy is another great tip to ensuring it always looks its best.


Keep things maintained and neat


Spend time considering what you put into your garden

Finally, don’t over complicate matters by putting everything you want into your garden. Be choosey. This goes for the flowers you plant down to the storage options you consider. While you don’t want to make your garden not user friendly, you do want to opt for a minimal look. This will give it that designer edge you are craving.


I hope this has inspired you to spend more time on the design side of maintaining your garden.

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