Growing Vegetables from Your Kitchen Scraps

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Growing Vegetables from Your Kitchen Scraps

It is so much easier to grow your own vegetables that you would be surprised. All you have to do is take the parts of the vegetable or fruit that will grow root, let it form root or germinate and when it’s ready plant it where ever you want to. Sure there is the need for regular monitoring, watering and sometimes fertilizing, but when you see the results all the effort would be worth it. You can have any and every vegetable you want to grow and harvest and use them whenever you desire. Most importantly you get to eat organic food for free. Though a significant decrease of food bills is a motivation, the pleasure of watching them grow and nurturing them is beyond measure. So here are a few vegetables and how to grow them.


Growing Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

Celery is very easy to grow. When you buy them, just cut around 2 inches above the root and place it with the root side down into a little bit of water.  Change the water every 2 to 3 days and make sure the water doesn’t get slimy. Within 3 to 4 days you will notice roots re-growing at the bottom. It will take a while for the plant to become fully grown. So you can plant it in the ground, or use the baby leaves for flavoring. Alternatively, you can also place the bottom in the ground directly making sure you water it well. A lot of other similar vegetables such as lettuce, romaine lettuce, bok choi, cabbage, fennel, green onion, lemon grass, leeks, onions, sweet mint and other herbs, even sweet potatoes and other such root vegetables can all be regenerated.

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

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You must have noticed several times when left for a few days potatoes begin to sprout. You can simply cut a generous chunk of them around the sprout and plant them in the ground with the sprout side up. They start growing root and leaves soon. You can then separate each stalk and plant them separately.

Carrot Greens

Just cut an inch or so of the part where the carrot sprouts its leaves. You can either put them in a little water or in the ground where it is well lit. You can harvest the greens by cutting them as they grow and use them in your salads or you can let them grow fully and plant them in the ground. Carrots are biennial and takes a year more at least after they’ve fully grown their green part and root part to blossom. You can let the best carrot plant to keep growing until it starts to flower and have seeds. Wait till the seed heads dry up and turn brown. If you shake the heads the seeds should fall off, and you can save these in a cool and dry place and use them to have more carrot plants.


Place the ginger root in a little bit of water or on the ground and water regularly. After the ginger root sprouts and the stalks are long enough you can separate them and plant them separately. On a whole, it takes around ten months to a year to get a mature ginger. But, the wait is worth it as you can get a lot more of it from planting one root. You can harvest them at your own time when you need and replant the scrap to continue growing.

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