Healing House Plants to Grow Indoors

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Healing House Plants to Grow Indoors


Indoor Plants are back big time!! They are so in the fashion these days. But, this time they are not only in for aesthetic reasons but for several different characteristics like air purifying, stress reduction, humidity control and reduction in sound pollution. There are several other positive perks that come in for you when you bring in the beautiful indoor plants inside your home. Let’s look at some of the easy growing indoor plants which you can effortlessly grow inside your home and bring in all the positivity that they have!






  1. Lavender :

indoor plants


Don’t you love the scent of lavender! I mean who doesn’t love them!! It is also probably one of the most famous plants to grow. Having these plants inside your house induces better sleep and reduces anxiety level. A number of researchers have explained that the scent of lavender helps in slowing down the heart rate, lowering the blood pressure and reducing the stress level. While a lot of gardeners grow lavender in their balcony or the garden, you can try and have a potted lavender plant placed near your nightstand. These plants have a great impact on giving you a beautiful sleep and a fresh morning!!


  1. Valerian :

indoor plants for home


Valerian is a flowering plant which blooms a pink or white flowers spreading a sweet scent all over. Researchers have shown that simply inhaling the scent of these flowers will help in falling asleep quickly and ensures a better quality of slumber. These plants need a full sun for 6 hours a day, so keeping them near your bedroom window will do the magic.


  1. Bamboo Palm :



These are such cute little plants to have indoors and they work amazingly as air purifiers. A master in filtering harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene, these palms thrive and survive in full sun or bright light. Having them near the windows would work best. These plants can grow pretty big and can filter an amazing amount of air. Having them inside your home would be really amazing for the health. Although these plants are a little high maintenance, they are a great air purifier.


  1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera

One can never get enough of praising of the benefits aloe Vera plants bring with themselves. They work well in kitchens to neutralize benzene found in detergents and plastics. In addition to being really easy to care for, Aloe Vera makes some serious positive effects on health. The plant’s leaves contain a clear liquid full of vitamins, enzymes and other compounds that work amazing on healing wounds, are antibacterial and have anti-inflammatory properties. These plants also help in inducing better sleep, so that a plus one!


  1. Black Peppermint :

Black Peppermint

These plants are the most potent form of mint. They can be grown indoors only with certain things to take care of. They like to be moist, not wet and need sunlight. So keeping them near the windows or balcony doors would work well. These plants can be used as salads or in tea, as a digestion promoter and they work amazing on sunburns too.

There are many plants that can help us maintain our well being and are easy to grow as well. One just to find them out and start gardening for a better life!!

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