How to Beautify Your Garden with Rattan Furnitures

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Nothing enhances the beauty and attractiveness of a home than a beautifully landscaped garden. Some homeowners take their garden landscaping serious and even hire professional landscapers to help out. It is a worthy investment especially because a home should be as welcoming as possible at all times. Just like the house where furnishing is paramount, the garden should equally be accorded similar treatment. There are many quality pieces of rattan furniture in the market and shoppers are spoilt for choice but you have to go for the best furniture that knows no bounds.

According to Wikipedia, Rattan is the name given to around 600 different pieces of palms found in the tropical regions of Africa, Aisa, and Australasia. Rattans are extensively used for making furniture and baskets.

Natural or Synthetic

Whether going for natural rattan or artificial, ensure that you select and purchase the most authentic pieces of furniture available. One challenge that most shoppers have reported with natural material is their inability to withstand the harsh outdoor weather. They are therefore preferred for indoor usage. On the other hand, the synthetic rattan is sturdy and can survive the scorching sun in summer as well as the rains in winter. The natural fiber can be chemically treated to enhance its lifestyle. Unlike aliminium that rusts whenever it is exposed to moisture especially in summer, or wood that breaks or cracks in winter, rattan is not as badly affected by bad weather.


Furniture requires constant maintenance. It is natural and the best thing to do if you are to uphold the quality and long term use. Taking care of rattan furniture is easy and doesn’t require the use of any special detergents or chemicals. All you may need is a piece of brush or just cloth and some soapy water to clean your pieces to regain their original sparkles. It is easy and you can do it during your free time, over the weekend or in the evening after work. There is no need for regular repainting and touching up.


Comfort Guaranteed

The pleasingly relaxed feeling brought about by aneasy lounge chair and sofas at home is memorable. You can curl yourself up into that extremely comfortable couch on one corner of your garden with your favorite book as you sip onto your preferred cocktail or a mug of steaming coffee or tea. Actually, a well furnished and properly maintained garden is one of the most soothing places that you’ll ever find yourself in, especially if it is properly furnished with quality and complementing rattan furniture. You can enhance the comfort by making use of some accessories and matching cushions.

Durable and Pliable

Regarded as one of the oldest furniture materials ever used by man, rattan is one of the most hard-wearing and strongest fibers to ever be produced naturally. The fiber is interwoven and can be treated to last a couple of years in your garden with minimal maintenance. It is also flexible and can be crafted into different styles to suit the personal tastes of the buyers.

Purchasing pieces of rattan furniture for your home’s indoor or outdoor usage may be the best decision you can make to enhance the overall appeal of your home.

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