How to Grow Plants Indoors Using Grow Tents

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In today’s post, out guest blogger Mike Hall talks about how we can use grow tents to grow plants indoors in a controlled environment. Mike represents Growell, a UK based hydroponics retailer.

grow tent

A Grow Tent

There are a huge number of gardeners out there that now use grow tents as a means of growing plants indoors. They are discrete, come in a full range of shapes and sizes, are on the whole easy to run and also minimise the number of bugs and diseases your plants will be exposed to. They are also a great space saving solution for those that cannot dedicate an entire room to their horticultural exploits.


At first you need to find a grow tent that is of sufficient quality. In this regard you need to ensure that the materials used in its construction are well made, the interior should be highly reflective and ideally, the entire tent should be lightproof once it is up. You also need to make sure that the frame is sturdy, easy to put together and that there are plenty of holes for ventilation, power cords and the like.


It’s also important to find a grow tent that suits your needs, this should be based upon the number of plants you are planning to grow. Although remember not to get too greedy with space, make sure that you do not overfill your grow tent as this can lead to poor ventilation and light distribution, which is ultimately counterproductive.


Lighting is naturally a key component of running a successful growing setup. Basically the more light you can provide the better, although lights also produce heat, so a balance between the two is required. The choice of lights ranges from Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium to Compact Fluorescents and LEDs. Each have various pros & cons and in most cases will be particularly suited to a particularly stage in a plant’s life. As well as lights you will also want to consider accessories such as reflectors and ballasts that help to increase the efficiency of your lighting.


Ventilating grow tents is also vital if you are going to create a healthy growing environment. As alluded to above, most grow tents come with flaps and ports for ventilation but you may also want to consider a powered solution. Fans can be used to exchange the air and when mixed with filters, can be used to cleanse the air and remove any odors from the growing area.

Growing System

Finally choose the growing system that you want to use. You could take the most basic route and simply use soil and fertiliser although for more control and better results, many growers choose to utilise hydroponics. Grow tents are particularly well suited to hydroponics, especially flood and drain systems, although NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) can be used effectively with experience.

Grow tents have the potential to revolutionise the way you grow plants and maximise the yields that you produce. Understandably, how you set them up is fundamental to success but if you choose your tent, lighting, ventilation and growing system properly, you are increasing you chances of having healthy and productive plants.


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