How to Grow Your Own Impatiens

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How to Grow Your Own Impatiens

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Impatiens are very common amongst gardeners. They are a popular garden flower commonly used for hedging. They can also be found in window boxes or hanging baskets, due to their attractive, colourful appearance. The good thing about Impatiens is that they can be planted almost anywhere. They grow easily and the results are stunning.

However, when growing any type of flower, time, dedication and care is needed to ensure that they not only grow, but also last a long time. Flowers need sunlight, water and nutrients to grow. You are in charge of providing those.

There are a variety of impatiens available. You can choose the size of the impatiens you would like to grow as well as the colour of the impatiens. Before purchasing any seeds or bulbs, it is wise to decide which type you would like to grow. In terms of size, you have the option to grow impatiens that can grow from eight inches to two feet high. In terms of colours you have a choice from red, white, pink, orange, violet and many two-colour combinations.

When planting is concerned, location is crucial. Impatiens can grow in the sun and in the shade, which is why they are commonly grown in gardens. However, this property is once again dependent upon the type of impatiens that you are growing. Always ask a professional for help or read the seed packet to find out what it is that you have.

Watering your impatiens regularly will keep them alive and growing. However, you do not want the flowers standing in water so ensure that you don’t over water them. If you are planting them in a window box or basket, ensure that there are holes at the bottom through which any excess water can escape.

Adding a little plant food or fertiliser to the water will provide your impatiens with all the necessary nutrients which will ensure that your flowers grow brightly and beautifully.

Many people choose to grow impatiens near, around or under trees. If you wish to do so, ensure that the type of impatiens you are growing are suitable for growth in the shade, since the tree will be shadowing the impatiens. Also, in this case, regularly water the area in excess. A large plant like a tree will absorb a lot of water, so by watering in excess, you are ensuring that there is enough for the impatiens as well. Once again, using a little fertiliser or plant food will not go a miss since it’ll give the flowers a chance to absorb some nutrients.

Impatiens grown in the ground need to be watered less often than those in pots, baskets and window boxes.

If you decide to cut a few stems from your garden in order to transfer them indoors, ensure that you use sharp shears that will not crush the stem of your flowers. Additionally, you always want to cut at a forty-five degree angle, ensuring that the slant faces inwards. This will promote the growth of your impatiens in an outward, desirable position.

When storing freshly cut impatiens indoors, always ensure that they are placed in fresh water. Remove any leaves which end up becoming submerged in the water. You may wish to dissolve some Aspiring, sugar or plant food in the water to provide your flowers with some nutrients, which will keep them alive and fresher for longer.

Growing impatiens is not necessarily hard, as long as you follow the basic guidelines. These can be found on seed packets. Once they have fully grown, their beautiful colours will leave your garden looking like something out of a magazine.

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