How to Increase the Life of Your Chainsaw

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How to Increase the Life of Your Chainsaw
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Like any machine, your chainsaw also needs regular maintenance for proper functioning. For a chainsaw, the most important component is its chain and not taking proper care of the chain will not only shorten the life of the machine but also put you to danger of freak accident.

Maintaining the Chain

  1. Lubricate the chain properly with chain oil at regular intervals. The chain oil gets used up rather quickly because of the centrifugal force of the moving chain and because of being soaked up by the saw dust. One of the common causes of damage to the saw if inability to oil the chain regularly with the right kind of oil.
  2. Chains must also be kept sharp for better performance of the machine. The chain might become blunt if it comes in contact with soil, stones or any kind of metal. If the chain is not sharp enough, it will not cut neatly and will produce more than normal sawdust.
  3. If the chainsaw is used frequently, daily inspection of the machine is recommended.

Maintaining the Engine

  1. The engine of the chainsaw is lubricated by the oil that is dissolved in the fuel. Proper lubricant must be added to the fuel, during every refueling.
  2. Sometimes the air intake filter of the machine gets clogged up because of sawdust. So the filter must be cleaned from time to time.
  3. It is important to ensure that other components of the engine are also in proper working order.

Some Dos and Don’ts

  1. Try to be careful while using your chainsaw and avoid hitting any hard object like stones or metals.
  2.  Be careful while cutting through roots. The soil may make the edge of the chain blunt.
  3. If the chain is dull and not sharp enough, don’t force it to cut. It may result in permanent damage to the machine or worse, may cause some accident.
  4. Chainsaw may be a dangerous machine if not used carefully, specially in the company of children.

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