How to mow your lawn – a simple guide

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How to mow your lawn – a simple guide

One might think that lawn mowing or grass cutting is an artless task, but anyone who’s spent enough time gardening will know this is far from true! Proper lawn maintenance is essential to having an overall pristine looking garden. So even if your hedges are a little bent out of shape, or your flowers haven’t bloomed, a manicured and well-mowed lawn will make all the difference! We’ve put together a few tips on how you can keep your lawn in its absolute best condition and without having to call in the gardening experts!

How to mow your lawn – a simple guide

  • First of all make sure you take care of weed control and any other garden waste clearance, so you have a clear lawn to work on.
  • Next you’ll need to invest in a good lawn mower if you don’t already have one in the garden shed or garage! If you nip down to your local hardware store of DIY shop you’ll be presented with a variety of different types of lawn mowers. Choosing the right one will depend on the size of your garden as well as the type of cut you want for your lawn. Remember this when speaking to a sales assistance and they will be able to advise you on which lawn mower will best suit your needs!
  • For a neat lawn that you’ll mow frequently it is advisable to buy a cylinder lawnmower as they can give that popular and easy to maintain stripe effect. Hover lawnmowers are absolutely brilliant for small gardens with uneven surfaces. They also come with or without a grass collection box. If you’re lawn is a typical family size you’re best option is probably to invest in a slightly more expensive (but well worth it) electric rotary mower, which is suitable for cutting back longer blades of grass. Finally petrol lawnmowers are suitable for large gardens as they got the job of grass cutting done a lot faster! Remember the better the model, the more your lawnmower will set you back, so really stop to consider your gardening needs!
  • Once you’ve purchased your lawnmower you’ll need to keep it well maintained. Keep the blades of your mower sharp at all times and properly adjusted to avoid doing more harm than good to your grass or soil.
  • Depending on the time of year you may need to adjust your lawn mowing regularity. In the spring and summer you’ll possibly need to mow twice a week. However when it is very hot it is not advisable to mow the lawn too short as this could dry out your grass.
  • If you’re going on holiday and are worried about leaving your garden without lawn care or lawn maintenance, then simply cut your grass before you go. Don’t however be tempted to cut it very short, as weak grass can’t compete with those stubborn weeds.
  • Once the colder and rainy weather arrives, remember to avoid lawn mowing when the ground is wet or if the soil is drenched. You can still cut your grass in the winter months, but keep the blades higher. It is paramount that you never cut grass in frosty conditions or with snow on the ground!
  • If you’ve just seeded your lawn, wait until the blades of grass are at least 2 inches long.
  • You don’t have to buy a lawnmower with a grass collection box, for in the summer; the cut grass can be left on the lawn as mulch to help prevent water loss from your grass and soil. But don’t leave clumps of cut grass lying around, as this will damage your lawn by creating a thick mane and leave your garden looking patchy!

 How to mow your lawn – a simple guide2

Lawn mowing has never been simpler if you follow this simple step-by-step guide and it will save you hiring professional gardening services to keep your grass well manicured!

Bio: This article is contributed by Anna Harrison, writer and blogger with great flair for home decoration, projects. She likes to discover beauty everywhere around her and to share some valuable tips with her readers. Her present article is focused on some lawn mowing tips, as essential part of garden maintenance.

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