How To Safeguard Your Garden From A Cold And Frosty Winter

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How To Safeguard Your Garden From A Cold And Frosty Winter


All gardeners have one thing in common. They begin to get a little scared once the cold weather starts to roll around. If you fall into this category I’m sure it’s not because you don’t want to work outside with multiple layers of clothing on.


It’s got to do with the horrendous weather soon to arrive tearing your lovely garden to pieces. It’s always good to be prepared, so let’s take a look at the jobs you should be focusing on to protect your garden.




Protecting Vulnerable Plants


There will likely be a lot of vulnerable plants in your garden and they won’t like the cold weather. They’ll hate it even more when things become frosty, so you’ll need to do something to protect them. One of the easiest things you can do is wrap horticultural fleece around them. You can even throw it on when the weather is particularly rough if you don’t want to keep it wrapped around your plants all the time.


Snow On Your Greenhouse


It’s likely you’re going to end up with snow on your greenhouse roof at some point unless you’re lucky. It will depend on where you live, but if snow is a common occurrence you should plan for it. Once it falls onto your greenhouse roof it might be a while before it disappears, so you’ll need to use a brush and sweep it off yourself. If you leave it alone the light won’t be able to find its way inside and the roof could collapse.


Looking After Your Bulbs


When the ground is frosty it’s a good thing for your bulbs. There is only one little issue you’ll need to deal with. The bulbs aren’t meant to pop out of the ground once they’ve been planted, but this might happen when the soil around them begins to shift. You’ll end up with cracks and the bulbs will make their way out. You can stop it by taking lots of mulch and covering the ground where you’ve buried your bulbs.


Start To Recycle Water


You’ll still need to water your plants during winter. Don’t forget the ones inside your greenhouse and conservatory. There will be more than enough rain you can collect in barrels even if it doesn’t rain every single day. This is important because your garden tap should be shut off and insulated. You don’t want to worry about burst pipes, plus you’ll get to help the environment at the same time.


Beware Of Heavy Rainfall


The last thing you need is for the rain to be too heavy on a regular basis. If you have any plants in containers you’ll have to ensure the water is getting away. Take all of your pots and raise them off the ground, so the water won’t be able to drown them for days on end. If your compost is wet for long enough the roots will eventually rot away and the plant will die. Try to move them where they’ll get more sunlight too.


A lot of the things you can do boils down to common sense, so keep a watchful eye on your garden and take action if something doesn’t look right. The bad weather always vanishes quicker than you think.


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