How to Take Care of Your Plants in Summer

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How to Take Care of Your Plants in Summer

During summer season, with rising temperatures, it is not just us humans who face dehydration and side effects of heat, but also the plants. But with some precautions and proper care, summer can be the best season for your plants. After winter, summer is the time for growth and regeneration. Here are some precautionary tips that you should follow to help your plants make the best of this growing season.

  • Water your plants more than you normally do to make up for the lack of humidity in atmosphere. Potted plants need special care as they can’t grow deep into earth in search of water. Even though the quantity of water would vary according to the soil and plant type, the soil should generally be moist at all times of the day.
  • If your pot soil is sandy, try mixing it with some amount of clay. Sandy soil becomes dry easily and mixing it with some clay will help retain moisture.
  • You can also cover the top layer of the soil with mulch, containing wooden pieces, twigs, dead plant leaves, etc. It will not only provide extra fertilizer for the soil but will also help retain the moisture of the soil. Small pebbles may also be used to cover the soil.
  • Potted plants can be kept in a cluster instead of being scattered. This way they will lose water only from the external sides and will also face sun from only one side.
  • During summer water the plants during early morning or just after sunset, to avoid evaporation of the water.
  • Proper pruning of the plants should be done and unnecessary foliage should be removed from the plats to avoid excess lot of water trough transpiration.
  • The plant soil should be provided more fertilizer in summer to sustain their high growth and extra energy requirement after the dormant winter season.
  • All kinds of weeds should be rooted out of the plant soil, so that the nutrients and water meant for your plants are not used up by weeds. Not just weeds the plants in your garden should also be kept aloof from lawn grass. Some empty space should be kept around each plant.

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vijay sharmaApril 22, 2015 at 5:10 pmReply

Nice tips to save the plants in summers when it becomes too hot. In adition to this we put them under green net shades.

rama tyagiApril 22, 2015 at 8:29 pmReply

thanks for the info, nice