How To Use Logs To Decorate Your Garden

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using logs to beautify garden

This article is contributed by Emma Trevisanni. Emma is a writer and blogger passionate about gardening and giving useful tips. With over ten years of experience working for London Gardeners, Emma has lots of knowledge to share with the readers.

using logs to beautify garden

I want to introduce to you one of the interesting ways to use the cut and parched stumps. I am living in a house since five years. In the front yard we have a big old tree. When we moved in the house the first thing I wanted to change was the look of the front yard. At that time I found the old tree to be disturbing and dangerous. But it also threw a good shadow at our living room. I wanted to bifurcate it. On consulting some professional gardeners, I was given the surety that if I manage the tree properly it would not be dangerous. So I decided to keep it.

After a while I understood precisely, what they meant by “managing”- cutting branches every spring and dealing with the trash which remained later. Initially I was upset but since last two years I experimented with the remaining branches and achieved very inspiring results. You too can try this at home and if new ideas occur please mention it here.

Wooden stumps are interesting and an easily available way to decorate, bringing the charming nature in the house. I also learnt to perceive the old parched branches and trunk like materials to create something new, so that I do not have to use it simply as trash. You can save the original color and appearance of the wood, lacquer it or paint it with a color that suits your interior and idea. Technically, you can use the wood not only in the inner side but outside as well.

Follow some of my ideas. Let’s start with wooden rounds. You can use them in so many different ways and get various results.

For example you can make a trail covered with scores of wooden cycles in different sizes. If you leave some space between each wooden part and supply a light green moss, it will appear colossal. Keep in mind that during rainy days your trail will be a little slippery. Also know that after a couple of years you will need to change all parts because the old ones will get deformed by water and your weight.

You can arrange the wooden rounds on your wall. It is your decision as to how big will the whole project be and which color is to be good to used in a particular case according to the look and sense of the room.

Make something new from the old trees. Use a thinner branch’s rounds for producing candlesticks. Just scrape the core with chisel. It need not be in the center of the circle. You can lacquer the wood or color it. While using the candlesticks take utmost care because it might be dangerous. After all it is wood and fire.

One good looking round can become perfect pad for worms.

After all managing the garden is not an easy job so if you need some help in this or want the whole job done by someone else, you will need professional help.

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