Important Tips For Exterior Home Design

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Important Tips For Exterior Home Design


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Curb appeal basically refers to the first impression people have of your home when they see it from outside. You can enhance this by using important tips to improve the appearance of your home from the exterior. Most people concentrate on the interior and forget about the exterior of your home yet this is very important whether you want to sell your house or welcome friends and family members. There are many areas to focus on such as the color, lighting, garage door style and proper landscape.

Tips for home exterior lighting

Size- It is advisable to always go for a larger size of bulbs for the exterior of your home. The front door is the center of attraction so it needs to have the largest and most attractive light fixture.

Color- Always go for a color that complements the exterior color of your home well. Take for instance bronse is appropriate for earth tones while black is matches on many occasions.

Style- It is important to take into consideration the architectural design of your home before buying any lighting fixture.

Use the right wattage for your home because using very bright bulbs will make it even worse.60-75 watts is the best for the home exterior.

Mounting height- If you are using exterior wall mounted lighting fixtures ensure that you mount them above eye level. On the other hand, you can mount them a little higher if your doors are extremely high.

Proper landscaping to improve exterior of your home

Gardening can be a little difficult for some people but there are simple helpful tips to go about it and enhance your exterior home design. You can use the following perennials for your garden:

Peonies- They come in different colors and can grow well in shallow holes when left alone. Besides, it is low maintenance.

Hostas- They require low maintenance and can be easily transplanted.

Armenia- These grow well in any climatic condition and are brightly colored hence very attractive.

Siberian Irises-Their color variation offers a lovely contrast in texture especially after blooming

Guidelines for choosing the right garage door style

The garage door is usually forgotten yet it is an exterior part of the home that one gets to see the moment you visit any home. If you want to get a garage door that will make your exterior home design more attractive you should consider the following:

  • Choose a material that suits your climate- You need to buy a given material depending on the climate of the area you live in so that it lasts longer.
  • Go for wooden garage doors- The natural color of wood totally improves the appearance of your home. There is a wide variety to select from such as cedar, hemlock and larch.
  • Use a metal garage door- One of the advantage of this is that you can paint it any color that matches that of the exterior of your home. The type of metal depends on location of your home, level of security and convenience required.
  • Fiber glass doors are a great option if you live in an area with extreme temperature changes. Besides, fiberglass is durable and resistant to splitting and cracking.
  • Always choose a style that matches with the architecture of your home- You can have your garage door decorated with a style matching the exterior of your home to enhance the appearance. It can be custom built for you.

Lastly, ensure that it has the necessary safety requirements for you and your family.

Secrets for exterior home design

The following design secrets will make your home attractive right from the front door:

  • Ensure that you reduce the impact of a front loaded garage by pushing it behind your home. It should not be the center of attraction.
  • Make it simple but classy by using less gables and steps on the roof of your home.
  • Ensure that your front entrance points to where the front door is and keeps people out of water.
  • Use proportionate windows on the side of your house.
  • Invest mostly in color and texture not extra elements as this will make the streetscape more appealing.

Author Bio: Jelena Djurdjevic is a business woman, mom and wife. She is currently staying at home due to a great reason, her family. In her free time she loves  blogging about interior and exterior home design.

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