Improve Your Garden And Help To Protect The Planet With This Advice

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Improve Your Garden And Help To Protect The Planet With This Advice

Would you like to spend some time outside this spring improving your garden? It would make sense to start working as soon as possible if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Within a few months, most homeowners will arrange garden parties and social gatherings with their friends. So, it’s sensible to get everything sorted before that time arrives. The tips on this page come from some of the most eco-friendly gardeners around today. They should highlight the best ways to ensure your garden helps to protect the planet. With that in mind, let’s begin with something everyone must consider, regardless of the size of shape of their outdoor space.




Keep It Real


Mother nature is excellent at growing plants and trees in your garden. So, there’s no need to use dangerous chemicals or pesticides. There are plenty of natural and safe alternatives you should consider. For instance, fertilizer is not expensive to purchase these days. Indeed, professionals always use that substance to help improve growth and health. It says at there is no better solution for your lawn. Search online for specialists that provide fertilizer in your local area if you want to make the best savings. Alternatively, you could call an experienced landscaping company and inquire about their services.


Start Composting


Most people don’t realize this, but the leftover food from your kitchen shouldn’t go in the bin. You can use those scraps to help enrich the soil and grow bigger plants. Just search online for composting products for home use. In most instances, the storage device you purchase won’t break the bank. You can get them for only a few dollars if you shop around and use the good retailers. Just place the composter outside your backdoor and throw any food waste inside. Within a couple of months, you will have a solid solution that improves your garden. Also, you can feel happy in the knowledge that you didn’t waste a single gram of food.




Grow Vegetables And Fruit


It’s always wise to grow fruit and vegetables in your garden if you have space. Just create a growing patch and use your compost to spur production. Depending on where you live in the world, you might want to focus on different items. For instance, people who reside in hot climates will find it easier to grow tropical fruits. Those living in cold areas should concentrate on vegetables like potatoes and cabbage. Again, all the information you require is freely available online. So, you just need to perform some research. You can also ask for advice at local garden centers if you plan to visit some soon.

old railway sleepers



Use Old Railway Sleepers


When it comes to building steps, flower beds, and other items, old railway sleepers are a godsend. You can pick them up from online auction websites for next to nothing, and there are also some dedicated suppliers. Recycling those old products will mean you save a few trees and help the planet. The only restrictions relate to your imagination and creativity. We’ve seen some excellent benches made from those products over the years. Some people even use them to build sheds and more. They’re incredibly versatile and durable which makes them perfect for outdoor use. You could even contact local builder’s merchants and ask about surplus stock or offcuts.


Create A Living Roof On Your Shed


All gardens need a shed to store the essential tools. However, most people don’t make proper use of that outdoor building. They don’t seem to realize that it’s possible to grow plants and vegetables on the roof. Search online for “living roof examples” if you want to learn more. In most instances, you just need to lay a waterproof membrane before adding some soil. Also, it’s wise to test the strength of your roof before starting work. The last thing you want is for the weight to cause issues and damage your shed. It might cost a lot of money to put things right, and that would hurt your efforts. The idea is just to grow as much food as possible, so you don’t have to visit the supermarket. That will reduce your reliance on all that packaging.


Collect Water


While you won’t want to drink rainwater, it’s perfect for your flowers and plants. So, you could significantly reduce your monthly bills if you decided to collect it in your garden. It would mean you don’t have to run the taps when your flowers need a drink. There are many ways you could approach that task, and some are better than others. Some people like to purchase large plastic barrels that are placed near their guttering. You could even install some half-pipes around the top of your shed and direct the funnel into the barrel. The final decisions are down to you. Just try to ensure you make good use of all that free water that lands in your garden every week.




Encourage Wildlife


Friends and family members will enjoy seeing birds and other wildlife in your garden. Those creatures will also help to pollinate your flowers and improve the health of your outdoor space. Considering that, you should aim to encourage wildlife at every juncture. Hang some birdfeeders from your fences, create a pond for frogs, and try to stop the neighbor’s cat from gaining entry. That should also encourage many wasps, bees, and other insects to spend time in your garden. Far too many people work hard to push those creatures away from their land. That doesn’t make sense if you want a natural-looking landscaper’s dream at the rear of your property.


Plant native flowers


Many people want as much color as possible in their gardens. So, they head out and purchase plants and flowers from other parts of the world. However, species suited to your region will require less attention. Native flowers can grow without as much water, and they also require less maintenance. To learn more about the native flowers and plants in your area, you just need to search online. It says at that Swamp Milkweed is popular in the Midwest. You just need to find out which species are most suitable for your garden. You can still add other plans to increase the use of color. However, native breeds should become your staple.


Mow With Electric Or Reel Devices


A lot of people in the US have decided to invest in a gas mower in recent times. That is a terrible idea for a couple of reasons. Firstly, those fumes are not going to help the planet remain healthy. Secondly, they often do more damage than good when cutting your lawn. If you keep on top of things, there’s no reason you can’t use an electric or reel alternative. The only issues arise when you let the grass grow too long. Gas mowers create as much pollution in an hour as a brand new car. So, you’re harming the ozone layer and filling out atmosphere with hazardous chemicals.




Stop Using That Leaf Blower


Leaf blowers help to highlight just how lazy we have become as a nation. They are some of the dirtiest products available on the market today, and they harm the environment. Believe it or not, the average leaf blower produces the same pollution in thirty minutes as a 1995 car would during a 100-mile trip. Shocked enough yet? Do yourself a favor and buy a rake if you’re worried about leaves falling on your lawn. It doesn’t take any longer to remove them, and you’ll save a fortune. Also, you won’t have to deal with the reality that you’re damaging the planet because you don’t like hard work.


Build A Chicken Coop

Growing plants and vegetables in your garden is all well and good. However, some people like to go one step further. Building a chicken coup isn’t going to break the bank. Even so, it will mean you can keep the animals securely in your garden. You get fresh eggs every morning, and they get a free range lifestyle. Again, just make sure you take measures to stop dogs and cats gaining access to your garden. Those adorable pets love chasing chickens for some reason, and most of them will kill them – even if by accident. You can find guides online that show you how to build the most suitable chicken coop for your outdoor space. Either use them to design something original, or purchase a flat pack solution.


The eco-friendly tips on this page should help you to improve your garden this spring. Make sure you start the work soon, and you could have everything finished in a couple of weeks. If we get some nice weather, you can then arrange garden parties for all your friends and associates. Just make sure you construct your barbecue using loose bricks obtained through eBay or a builder’s merchant. That will mean you don’t have to spend a dime to provide food for everyone. Hopefully, all the veg will come directly from your garden patch.


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